Single Review: “I Ain’t Got Time!” – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator's newest album "Flower Boy" (Previously known as "Scum Fuck Flower Boy") drops tonight, and yesterday Tyler decided for some reason to release his fourth (fifth?) single in support of Flower Boy two days before the full album was released. It may seem like a silly thing to do, or just a total … Continue reading Single Review: “I Ain’t Got Time!” – Tyler, The Creator


Single Review: “Less Than” – Nine Inch Nails

A couple of days ago, Alternative Rock band, Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor) went ahead and released "Less Than", the debut single of their upcoming EP, "Add Violence". The new single featured gameplay from the Playstation 4 video game, "Polybius", which is a tribute game created to mimic an alleged game from a 90s urban legend … Continue reading Single Review: “Less Than” – Nine Inch Nails

Single Review: “Boredom” – Tyler, The Creator

"Boredom" is the second, or I guess third single from Tyler, The Creator's newest album, "Scum Fuck Flower Boy", due 7/21. This new single kind of follows the same style and genre that "911/Mr. Lonely" did with it's indie R&B sound. I like how Tyler is changing his musical style in this direction, dealing with his internal struggles … Continue reading Single Review: “Boredom” – Tyler, The Creator

Single Review: “Echo Chamber” – Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger is an independent, Virginia based future funk/retrowave musician who popped up earlier this year on music streaming sites such as, Bandcamp and SoundCloud with his debut EP, "The Pink EP", and then followed up that EP with a second one three months later titled "Pink Rules Everything Around Me EP". I listened to … Continue reading Single Review: “Echo Chamber” – Pink Ranger

Single Review: “Who Dat Boy / 911” – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator released a new single along with a music video that was hyped up on Twitter for the past week. Every day around noon Tyler kept uploading a daily countdown to this past Thursday, offering no explanation as to what exactly was going to happen. The main hyped up rumors were that it … Continue reading Single Review: “Who Dat Boy / 911” – Tyler, The Creator