About the Writer

I am just a normal guy who needed a hobby and also needed something to polish my skills with writing. All posts on this site are written by me unless clearly stated otherwise.

I cover quite a range of topics on this blog which is reflective of my personality. There will be times where I tend to write about one area more than another, this just means I’m more enthusiastic about that area at that time. I hope due to the range of options on my blog you can find something you are interested in, if you can not find anything you are looking for then I would be happy to take a suggestion in the comments of any of my posts or on my “Contact” page.

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What the blog’s name means.

i. e.¬† translates to “in other words” or “expanding upon” in Latin. Which is exactly what I am doing every time I review a product or a piece of entertainment. Instead of just saying the product is good or the product is bad, I expand upon it. “i. e.” is also somewhat of a summarizing term which is why when I give a rating I stylize it as “i. e. #/10“.

enthusiast means I blog about and review generalized topics I am enthusiastic about. Yes, there are so things I review that get low ratings, but it is not the specific product that I am enthusiastic about it is more the general thing I am reviewing, (books, albums, drinks).

“i. e. enthusiast”