Drink Review: Left Hook Citrus

Left Hook Citrus is a Racetrac Gas Station exclusive energy drink. This flavor is one of many and sadly I only got two cans while on a roadtrip, they were running a 2 for $3 deal while I was in Louisiana. This first one I got is the Citrus flavor, and I am a fan of citrus energy drinks and soda I suppose, I have a lot of citrus drink reviews under my belt. The second Left Hook drink I got from the 2 for $3 deal is Left Hook Mango Tropical, and that review will follow this one shortly after I publish this review here. Let’s go ahead and analyze the taste of this drink-

Well I think Left Hook Citrus is unique. It tastes like the classic green Monster Energy mixed with the classic Rockstar Energy with hints of a lemon like citrus flavor reminiscent of Sprite or Mountain Dew. I actually enjoy this little flavor combination, it is not something you would typically come across when compared to a more common Citrus flavored drink. This drink is actually kind of sweet, but mostly on the back end of the flavor’s aftertaste, which I think tastes like candy. In fact, this entire energy drink gives me a candy like vibe. One thing I do really enjoy about this drink as well is it’s texture, it is cool and thin and avoids being overbearing and syrup like in it’s consistency.

Give this drink a shot if you are at a Racetrac getting gas. I think it is worth a try. I’m afraid I am not sure what company produced this beverage for Racetrac, I would assume it was Racetrac themselves, which is very impressive. Is it the best citrus energy drink I have ever had? No, but as I said, Left Hook is unique in it’s delivery, I do still crown NOS Charged Citrus as my favorite Citrus energy drink though, try that drink if you like Left Hook Citrus and vice versa. If I ever see a Racetrac in my area I will buy the remaining flavors that I did not bring back to Texas for review, tell me what you think about this drink in the comments.

Calories: 130 Calories per serving/260 Calories per can.

Misc: 160 mg of Caffeine per can, 16 fl oz per can.

i. e. 8.3/10


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