Drink Review: Duff Energy

Duff is a non-alcoholic energy drink that was created in spirit of the fictional brewery from the cartoon universe of the Simpsons. That’s right, Duff Energy, it exists and it’s incredible. While it is not the actual Duff beer from The Simpsons, the real alcoholic Duff can be found and enjoyed at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, which is actually where I first had a can of this non-alcoholic energy drink as well, nearly half a year before I started this blog. I look back on Duff Energy fondly, I even kept my original can from that trip to Florida. I remember I ran it over in my head many times while in Florida to send an email to the producers of Duff Energy in an attempt to persuade them to push their drink to other retailers besides the one at Universal Studios, I never sent that email though. However, recently I was on the way home from another trip to Florida and back. We stayed a night at the Golden Nugget Casino in Louisiana. Well, believe it or not I went to the candy store at the Golden Nugget and there it was, eight months later I found it again, Duff Energy. Apparently this drink is not just exclusive to Universal and can be found at other select locations around the United States. So, I am excited to finally review this drink.

Duff has a golden orange juice flavor to it. It may sound unappealing but it is actually very pleasing and it is just as good as I remember it being eight months ago. This drink is not very sweet, it’s more on the tart and sour side, much like a Red Bull is. Duff Energy also really delivers on it’s cartoonish and Simpsonesque edge as well, making the drink taste very bright and colorful. The overall texture of Duff is nice as well, it’s slightly acidic which is a characteristic I personally find appealing in this drink specifically, being an Orange flavor and all. This is not your average citrus energy drink, it is a quality orange flavored energy drink that is ideal for fans of Orange sodas and fans of The Simpsons alike.

But overall I am so glad I came across this drink once again, I really wish they stocked it other retailers so I could buy it all the time, but then it occurred to me that a fair chunk of this drink’s charm comes from not being able to get a can on every street corner gas station. It should be noted that they had another Simpsons inspired energy drink at Universal Studios, it was called Flaming Moe in honor of the Simpsons episode of the same name, if I remember correctly it was blueberry flavored and I think I enjoyed it more than Duff Energy actually, so check that drink out as well if you are at Universal Studios. If anyone knows a place where I can get a case of Duff Energy, let me know, Oh Yeah!

Known Duff Locations: Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida (Kwik-E-Mart) / Golden Nugget Casino, Lake Charles, Louisiana (The Chocolate Box) / Amazon & Walmart. – – – If you find Duff anywhere else in the US please leave a comment so we can build upon this list for others looking for this drink.

Calories: 130 Calories per can.

Misc: 110 mg of Caffeine per can, 12 fl oz per can, Non-Alcoholic.

i. e. 9.0/10



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