Album Review: Ugly God – The Booty Tape

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“The Booty Tape” is the debut mixtape from Ugly God, who is a Houston, Texas based rapper as well as a 2017 XXL Freshman this year. Ugly God released a few singles in support of this mixtape, which has actually been anticipated for a while. The most notable singles released in support of The Booty Tape would have to be “Fuck Ugly God” and “Water”, the latter being the debut single that caused him to blow up as much as he did nearly a year before this mixtape even dropped. Actually, way before The Booty Tape was released, I was told by a friend to listen to Ugly God and check out his music, but that was earlier this year before he was a XXL Freshman and also before I even reviewed music. I honestly neglected to actually give this guy a listen because he didn’t have any mixtapes or albums under his belt yet that I could sit down and listen to. Now that he does I can say to my friend that after about half a year, I did in fact finally get around to checking out Ugly God.

The album kicks itself off with “Welcome to The Booty Tape”, a single which begins with a minute long sample from a YouTube video titled “Mom Reacts To Ugly God @UglyGod” from Youtuber “CUFBOYS”. The song samples a bit where CUFBOYS’ mother gives her negative opinion about Ugly God and how she does not believe he actually has anything going for him in terms of a career in hip hop. Little did this Youtuber’s mother know that Ugly God would later become a XXL Freshman half a year later and sample her in his debut mixtape nine months later. After this little YouTube sample, Ugly God samples a young woman saying “Thanks Ugly God!” before rapping. Ugly God samples this young girl so many times throughout this 25 minute mixtape that I believe he should give her like 5% of all the album sales, but I think it is most likely his producer’s tag or something. Regardless the sample gets pretty annoying after a while.

The second song on The Booty Tape is “Stop Smoking Black & Milds”, which as you probably guessed from the title of this song, is a track where he berates a girl for smoking Black & Milds because she is trashy and always spends her last dollar on them. Ugly God is basically drawing a correlation between trashy people, bad hygiene, and low income with the consumption of Black & Mild cigars in a satirical and absurd fashion. I find this song to be enjoyable but it gets less and less funny the more you listen to it. However, Ugly God does rap in a swift and casual fashion that flows very well on top of the song’s crisp hi hat and snare pattern.

“I’m a Nasty Hoe” begins with none other than the “Thanks Ugly God!” sample followed by Ugly God claiming he is a nasty hoe about eight times in succession. I don’t really like this song too much when it comes to the lyrics and flow. I do enjoy the song’s drum beat and psychedelic keyboard licks though, but I would give those up any day if I could avoid hearing Ugly God’s awkward singing style that just sounds like he is trying a bit too hard to hit some high note that just isn’t there.

Following that we have “I’m Tryna Fuck”, a song about Ugly God’s desire to have sex with women. More specifically Ugly God is being blunt in the faces of women who may be unsure on whether or not they want to have sex with Ugly God, to which he would reply “I don’t mean to burst your bubble but yes I’m tryna fuck.” The song consists of a hook, a verse, and another hook, that is it. It feels slightly unfinished a little too short, and this is coming from a fan of shorter music and shorter albums.

The next track is “Fuck Ugly God”, which is meant to be a diss track directed towards himself, a concept which is clever and fits the comedic and satirical persona he has set with his music. The track begins with a chorus of people shouting the words “Fuck Ugly God!” before Ugly God himself joins in as the chanting ceases. Ugly God criticizes himself of fronting and claiming he is something more than he really is, presumably in his lyrics and on social media. According to Ugly God, he used to borrow his friend’s clothes, he does not actually have any hoes, and he masturbates daily. Ugly God also reveals on this track that he was jumped on Halloween before which is pretty funny. Ugly God’s rapping on this track is more of an aggressive yelling style when compared to his other songs, this may be a satirical response to how when rapper’s typically make a diss track they are meant to sound savage and hard hitting. The bass in this song is really mean and gritty as well, and unlike every other song on this mixtape does not make me want to turn the bass levels on my car speakers down.

“No Lies” includes a verse from rapper Wiz Khalifa, I actually like this song and I think it is one of the better ones on the mixtape. I love the chorus where Ugly God raps “Keep it real, what you doin’, where you at?”, it is a decent song hook that is both simple and catchy at the same time. Wiz Khalifa’s verse impressed me as well and I think he fits in okay on an Ugly God song sound wise, but probably not persona wise. Khalifa’s line “Diamond chain it look like somebody peein'” makes me laugh every time I hear it.

“Bitch!” is a medicore song. I dislike the chorus, which is literally just “Bitch” repeating over and over, except it’s actually more like “sspphbitcch” which sounds like the audio clip he used was poorly cut during editing. I am not really a fan of this song I find it to be skippable. Following “Bitch!” is “L.D.C.”, which stands for “Little Dick Clique”. I enjoy the first verse on this song, but I don’t enjoy the background vocals that just sample the “sspphbitcch” vocal bit from the previous song’s chorus. The second verse of “L.D.C.” is sung in the same awkward forced high register singing that I disliked on “I’m a Nasty Hoe”. This song kind of seems like the kind of song another artist would make to parody Ugly God by including all of his cliches into one if that makes sense.

“Like a Maverick” has a really awesome psychedelic vaporwave like sample throughout the song that fits very well on top of the stuttering trap hi hats, almost like a vaportrap song that has Ugly God rapping on it. I really enjoy Ugly God’s flow in this entire song, however I wish the chorus was more intricate, I feel like he repeats “Just Like A Maverick” a bit too often and it just makes the song come off as dull by the end of it.

The next song, “Water” is the song that launched Ugly God into fame. It kind of has a more mumbled type flow to it and has less energy and character when compared to Ugly God’s other tracks. I do think he pulls this flow off well and I can see why this song is as popular as it is, but- it’s not my thing personally. It sounds like some generic lifeless trap music. I think I am just missing something here because everyone else seems to dig this song, the hook is just far too repetitive and uninteresting.

Overall, this was kind of average. When I first started listening to it I thought it was pretty decent, I thought “I’m gonna give this an eight!”, but then I kept listening to it over and over again for this review and my score for this album lowered with each listen. I do think Ugly God is a good producer, I just think his work needs some more variation to it, even if it’s a minor change here and there. I also think Ugly God is a decent rapper and a medicore lyricist. I think he can broaden his song topics a little bit more. I don’t honestly believe Ugly God peaked on this mixtape, I do think his next release will impress me much more than this did, which is not to say I didn’t enjoy The Booty Tape, I just felt like there were moments that needed some improvement.

Release Date: 4 August 17

Genres: Hip Hop, Southern Hip Hop, Trap, Dirty Rap.


  1. Welcome to The Booty Tape
  2. Stop Smoking Black & Milds
  3. I’m a Nasty Hoe
  4. I’m Tryna Fuck
  5. Fuck Ugly God
  6. No Lies
  7. Bitch!
  8. L.D.C.
  9. Like a Maverick
  10. Water

Track Highlights: I’m Tryna Fuck, Fuck Ugly God, No Lies, Stop Smoking Black & Milds.

i. e. 6.2/10


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