Drink Review: Venom Death Adder

Venom Death Adder is a fruit punch flavored energy drink produced by The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Venom Death Adder is one of Venom’s main drinks that all follow the same pattern of being named after a Vemonous snake, i. e. Black Mamba, Mojave Rattler, Killer Taipan, and this one, the Death Adder. You might be asking yourself, why did The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group name this fruit punch drink after a deadly snake? I’m not too sure, so let’s analyze what a Death Adder is- Death Adders are viper like snakes with spear shaped heads. The snake can inject 40-100 mg of deadly poison from one of it’s bites, which also cause paralysis and respiratory failure within a short period of time. Death Adders are native to Australia as well, which probably tells you more than you need to know. (wikipedia.org/Acanthophis) That doesn’t really answer why Venom decided to include this snake in their beverage’s name, perhaps that 40-100 mg of poison is included within Venom’s energy blend?

Why does this dude look so concerned?

Okay well now I am even more confused because this drink tastes like cheap fruit snacks with an animal fat aftertaste. This drink is meant to be a Fruit Punch + Energy type drink, but what this really is is a fruit snack flavored energy drink. My guess is Death Adders love fruit snacks. You can sort of taste the fruit punch flavor here, but the flavor is just really weak overall. Also, that animal fat aftertaste I mentioned, what is the reasoning for that? Now I am not one to fly around at night while sucking the body fat out of farm animals, but the moment the aftertaste hit my tongue these words popped into my mind: bone marrow, animal fat, and bone. I would guess that animal fat is a main part of a Death Adder’s diet, so perhaps I was a Death Adder myself in a past life. This drink is highly caloric as well, that part is obvious right away due to the drink’s vibrant red hue. The texture of this drink is pretty neat though I do like that.

Yeah I do not think I will be buying this specific drink again. While it’s not horrible, the aftertaste and the weak fruit punch taste is what kills this drink for me. I think Venom could have added actual fruit juice to this drink, as well as cut the 53g of sugar that really don’t add anything to the drink’s flavor. Please get rid of that filthy aftertaste as well. However, whenever you purchase a 99¢ energy drink, you typically get what you pay for. I will probably still review some more Venom energy drinks in the future, but only really because I know I will run out of Monster and Rockstar products to review eventually.

Calories: 230 Calories per can.

Misc: 160 mg of Caffeine. 16 fl oz per can.

i. e. 5.1/10


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