Drink Review: Red Bull Orange Edition

Red Bull Orange Edition is the Tangerine flavored energy drink from Red Bull’s Editions line of fruit and color themed drinks. To my understanding, Red Bull Orange Edition was once an orange flavored energy drink as opposed to the current Tangerine flavor. I decided to pick this drink up while on vacation because I enjoyed the other drinks I reviewed from Red Bull’s Editions line, so of course I have high expectations for this drink, however I do wish it was still orange flavored over the current tangerine. I like orange flavored sodas and energy drinks and while I admire Red Bull for thinking a little bit outside of the box to bring a tangerine flavor to the table, I just hope they haven’t butchered it…

…And they butchered it. It is pretty disappointing in my opinion. Red Bull Orange Edition is slightly orange and tangerine flavored, and it manages to be bitter and tangy at the same time, which I wasn’t even aware if that was possible or not. So while to my taste buds it seems that Red Bull did keep a sliver of the original orange flavor, this drink by no means possesses a rich or a vibrant flavor here like many orange and citrus drinks tend to have. Orange Edition is watered down, and the marketed Tangerine flavor that is slightly present here tastes like an artificial orange dipped in mint toothpaste. However, I can give credit where credit is due and admit that the drink is pleasingly fizzy and well carbonated.

Also it should be noted I left this drink in the truck for an hour after I drank the first half and wrote my first draft. Whenever I got back in the truck the drink was obviously hot because I live in the south, and I discovered an interesting characteristic of this drink, which is the drink does actually taste better when it is hot and not cold. This is not a desirable trait to have in your energy drinks and I think this drink is still as inferior as I initially thought it was when I drank it cold.

Overall, I am let down by Red Bull. Not only are their Editions drinks more expensive than your common energy drink, but typically I enjoy Red Bull’s products. Red Bull Blue Edition is one of my favorite energy drinks and I have consumed it on a few occasions since my recent review on it. I do not recommend you purchase the Orange Edition, I recommend Red Bull Blue Edition and the Red Bull 2017 Summer Edition. If you are looking for an Orange flavored energy drink, drink Rockstar Boom! Whipped Orange or Juice Monster Ripper.

Calories: 160 Calories per can.

Misc: 114 mg of Caffeine per can. 12 fl. oz.

i. e. 3.9/10


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