Drink Review: Rockstar Boom! Whipped Orange

Excuse my beach towel backdrop, this drink was reviewed and photographed while on a road trip.

Rockstar Boom! Whipped Orange is an caffeinated beverage that blends dairy with a carbonated energy drink, bringing the soda ice cream float concept into the energy drink world. While it is common to find an orange citrusy energy drink, or an orange soda out on the market, Rockstar takes a unique approach to the popular (and in my opinion overused) orange flavor with the addition of the cream. As a result Rockstar Boom! is a one of a kind “whipped” energy drink. You also have to appreciate the cartoonish charm this drink brings with the “Boom!” name as well as the use of bold black lines, bright colors, and sharp edges in the can’s artistic design. As for the actual taste of this drink-

-It’s pretty good. Obviously the best and most logical comparison you can come up with is an orange creamsicle when describing this drinks flavor. I have never had anything against orange creamsicles, I actually enjoy them, so this is a nice drink. Whipped Orange isn’t too sweet either despite tasting like a popular dessert, it is surprisingly mellow, and the texture is very fizzy and pleasing. The drink also thankfully avoids tasting like an orange citrus drink, the orange flavor here is in a vein and category of it’s own. I think the only real drawback to this drink here comes when you drink too much in succession, the aftertaste really builds up in the back of your throat and settles due to the cream. That is not to say it’s unpleasant or horrible, it’s just strange and the drink would be better without it.

However, I would say overall this is a good drink. While I do not know if I would say Whipped Orange is superior to it’s sister drink, Rockstar Boom! Whipped Strawberry, I do believe that the Whipped Strawberry brings out a bolder and more vibrant flavor when compared to Whipped Orange’s more mellow flavor. However, Whipped Strawberry is also a little bit too sweet at times, making Rockstar Boom! Whipped Orange a kind of happy medium, it’s less sweet, but it is less flavorful as well. I guess that all just comes down to preference, and I guess at the end of the day I prefer Whipped Strawberry.

Calories: 130 Calories per serving/260 Calories per can.

Misc: 160 mg of Caffeine per can, 2% Juice.

i. e. 8.6/10


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