Drink Review: Purple Stuff Classic Grape


Purple Stuff Classic Grape is a relaxation drink that contains ingredients and vitamins that initiate feelings of relaxation and drowsiness (L-Theanine + Valerian Root) in the human mind and body, much like an energy drink would use caffeine to initiate that feeling of energy and alertness. Purple Stuff is caffeine free, and as far as I am aware, completely safe to consume. I take L-Theanine daily in a mood supplement and I have no issues. To my knowledge, Purple Stuff was created to market a drug free version of the popular hip hop drink, lean. For those who are not aware, I did research and Lean contains codeine, promethazine, and some sort of soft drink like Sprite mixed together so when consumed the concoction brings about a feeling of euphoria to the consumer. Due to the rising popularity of this drug it is kind of a smart business move to capitalize on a safe alternative. Lean and Purple Stuff both originated in my area (same Texas region), so while that does not make me the most credible source on Purple Stuff, I am from the same landscape. I did review Purple Stuff Berry Calming already, and I enjoyed the drink but it kind of gave me a stomach ache which killed my buzz, so I am eager to see if the original classic grape flavor is any better in that aspect.

I think Purple Stuff Classic Grape is pretty good, much better than Purple Stuff Berry Calming. The grape flavoring in this drink is so chill and borders the line between vibrancy and subtly. The flavor kind of reminds me of a chalky grape candy or like the grape flavor you get from using the purple asthma inhalers, you know those old disc shaped ones. Classic Grape is soft and soothing in texture and is somewhat water like, but not water like in the way that Berry Calming was to the point where it tastes flat. Classic Grape executes the fizzy texture far better than I imagined it would due to my past experience with Berry Calming. This has to be one of the best grape flavors I have had the honor of drinking, typically I don’t jump to the opportunity to drink a Grape Gatorade or a Grape Soda, but I would jump for the opportunity to drink another Purple Stuff Classic Grape.

As for the relaxation bit, I don’t know if I was really visibly or noticeably relaxed, but then again I already had triple the amount of L-Theanine in my system then what is found in this drink (probably not exactly triple though due to decreasing half lifes in dosages or whatever), but I will say this drink does bring about a more relaxed sense of mood. It’s more of a way to clear your mind a bit and focus. But overall I am pretty impressed with Purple Stuff Classic Grape. There is a Purple Stuff Cherry Cola somewhere out there as well, so I will keep an eye out for that one.

Note: It should be noted that Purple Stuff is not a brand new company, according to their website they have been around for a while. Cheers.

Calories: 50 per serving/ 100 per can.

Misc: 10 mg of Roseships Powder, 10 mg of Valerian Root, 5 mg of L-Theanine. 16 fl oz.

i. e. 9.1/10


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