Drink Review: Java Monster Irish Blend

Java Monster Irish Blend is a non carbonated coffee beverage blended with Monster Energy’s highly caffeinated energy formula, creating a unique Coffee + Energy combination. However, the Irish Blend is unique in that it is manufactured in the Netherlands (Java Monster Kona Blend is as well, and Java Monster Salted Caramel is made in Denmark), and attempts to bring an “Irish Flavor” to coffee. I am not sure what Irish tastes like, but the coffee is probably spiked with the blood of leprechauns that was spilled over a cauldron full of gold coins. Monster actually released Java Monster Irish Blend among other flavors, “Russian”, Lo-Ball”, Nut Up”, and “Chai Hai”, all of which are discontinued now. Java Monster Irish Blend was one of the original Java Monsters, and it outlasted all these other flavors, so it must mean the drink is great, right?

I guess so. I am not too impressed by this Irish Blend. I guess it is somewhat better than I expected it would be. This drink is your standard quality Java Monster coffee with cream, but with what tastes like a vanilla or maybe a white chocolate type twist to it. This drink is probably one of the easier ones to consume out of the Java Monster line due to it’s creamy texture. I think the Irish Blend is much more dairy focused when compared to some of the other Java Monster flavors due to the tangy aftertaste of the vanilla/white chocolate. It is not tangy in a sour way either, this drink is good and impressed me more than I thought it would. However, what bring this down to slightly above average level is the vanilla/white chocolate flavor. It gets old very quickly as the flavor is very one dimensional, what you taste is what you get. The flavor never changes and it kind of gets slightly sickly feeling near the end of the can.

Overall, like I said, slightly above average. Java Monster Kona Blend and Java Monster Mean Bean are both phenomenal chocolate like coffee drinks that are not mocha, I would not buy Irish Blend again personally. It wasn’t all bad but I am just feeling so meeehhhhh about this drink. I love Java Monster as a line, but this is definitely falling short when compared to some of the higher quality drinks I have reviewed by Monster. I wish I was around to try some of the other discontinued Java Monsters like the Russian or the Nut Up and Lo-Ball whenever they originally came out in 2008, but that is the main drawback to starting a review site in 2017.

Calories: 110 Calories per serving/200 Calories per can

Misc: 188 mg of Caffeine per can. 15 fl oz per can.

i. e. 6.7/10


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