Drink Review: Juice Monster Khaos


Juice Monster Khaos is a juice and energy drink blend produced by Monster Energy that utilizes apple juice, orange juice, peach juice, tangerine juice, pineapple juice, and white grape juice to tally up to a massive 30% Juice content. I said in my review over Juice Monster Pipeline Punch that 16% Juice was the highest I had ever seen in an energy drink, well, then I reviewed Juice Monster Ripper, and I said that it’s 20% Juice was the new highest amount I had ever seen. Well, this one is 30% Juice, and obviously… It is the highest I have ever seen in an energy drink. I would love to see a drink top 30% though so I won’t make the claim that it is the highest ever. This does seem to be the orangey citrus juice monster, where as I would view Pipeline Punch as the tropical passionfruit, and Ripper as the lemony citrus/pineapple juice monster. I am interested in seeing how it holds up.

After you open the can and take the first couple of sips, you get this really really obnoxious, repulsive flavor in between the initial taste and the aftertaste. You can even smell this disgusting taste the moment you open it. I believe it is the pineapple juice or possibly the peach at it’s most prominent point, and it tastes horrible, to be blunt, it reminds me of what a juice fart would probably taste and smell like. Truly complete khaos. Well, after that mishap, you get into the real drink, which is the delicious flavor combination of the tangerine, white grape, and the orange juices. In the other Juice Monster products, I always found that the orange juice took a backseat and supported the other flavors in the drink, making them melt together almost. While it does do the same thing for this drink here, the orange is also somewhat of the drink’s focal point. Honestly, this drink would be fantastic if it wasn’t for the overwhelming taste of sucralose, or zero calorie sweetener, in this drink. Sucralose is a hit or miss with me, sometimes I enjoy it, other times I don’t dig it too much. In Juice Monster Khaos, I think they could have found a better use for it, or maybe attempted to mask the flavor in a more proficient manner.

Overall, I love the combination of flavor these juices brought to the table, however the initial horrid peach or pineapple flavor and the sucralose is what ultimately drags this drink down. I think Juice Monster Ripper was much better, I love that drink. I think this drink had potential, it just ultimately fell short in my opinion, still, I believe it is worth a short. You may love tangerines and sucralose and end up ordering seven cases of Juice Monster Khaos after having a can or two, never know, give it a shot.

Calories: 80 Calories per serving/160 Calories per can.

Misc: 154 mg of Caffeine per can. 16 fl oz per can. 30% Juice.

i. e. 7.1/10


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