Drink Review: Java Monster Vanilla Light

Java Monster Vanilla Light is a vanilla flavored, non carbonated, coffee energy drink that contains 50% less calories than your standard Java Monster Mean Bean coffee. Vanilla Light does contain milk, but it also contains less fat than your standard Java Monster does. Monster Energy’s reasoning for this “lo-cal” take on Java Monster is “our fearless leader is a health fanatic who counts calories like they’re dollar bills”. I am personally not complaining over this concept, an iced vanilla coffee that is low calorie and low fat?! I will subscribe to that, however before I do, let’s see if Monster sacrificed flavor for this low calorie selling point.

Okay yes, taste was partially sacrificed here in order to make this a low calorie drink. What is sacrificed is ironically the part of this Java Monster that it is already zero calories when it is untouched, the coffee. Black coffee is typically at it’s base, a zero calorie beverage, and what you get here is a watery drink that tastes like it was flavored with soured vanilla and cream. You can hardly taste any of the coffee in this drink, which is completely absurd because if Monster added more coffee to this drink and retracted some of the cream and vanilla, it would taste better AND be lower calorie. The drink is also a bit sweet but none of the sweetness seems to come from the vanilla aspect of the drink like you would expect it to.

Overall, I am just disappointed. I have loved all of the Java Monster drinks I have tried. While this drink was consumable and probably could be enjoyable to some who don’t enjoy coffee as much or aren’t reviewing this drink, I am just upset the coffee was not more present here. Monster rarely disappoints me, so whenever I try a drink from them that I am just not huge on, it kind of hits even harder because I have this pre-existing high opinion of previous Monster drinks I have tried. Anyways, if you are looking for a coffee drink, give Java Monster Loca Moca, Mean Bean, Kona Blend, or Salted Caramel a shot, these drinks execute coffee well. If you are looking for a vanilla flavored drink, go drink that vanilla Starbucks drink.

Calories: 50 Calories per serving/100 Calories per can.

Misc: 188 mg of Caffeine per can, 15 fl. oz. CONTAINS DAIRY

i. e. 5.3/10


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