Single Review: “I Ain’t Got Time!” – Tyler, The Creator

aint got time
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Tyler, The Creator’s newest album “Flower Boy” (Previously known as “Scum Fuck Flower Boy”) drops tonight, and yesterday Tyler decided for some reason to release his fourth (fifth?) single in support of Flower Boy two days before the full album was released. It may seem like a silly thing to do, or just a total Tyler thing to do, but it is pretty smart from a business perspective as it keeps people interested in the album’s release all the way up until the release date, despite the albums unfortunate leak earlier this month. The new single is called “I Ain’t Got Time!” and it kind of has a fast paced more aggressive style to it, much like the album’s first single “Who Dat Boy” did. I have not listened to the album leak, and it wouldn’t make sense for me to listen to it at this point, but I really like what I have heard come from this album, be it loud or calm. So before I review “Flower Boy” after it’s release, we have one more single to review.

The song begins with a very short “GOLF RADIO” intro performed by Shane Powers with a buzzing synth behind it. Then Tyler comes in along with the instrumental with the lines “I AIN’T GOT TIIIIIIIIIIME FOR THESE N*GGAS!”. The song then introduces some claps into the percussion mid way through Tyler’s verse and I think they fuse with his voice very well, making it more hard hitting. The beat on this song is pretty good, it knows when to hold itself back and unleash when it needs to, I don’t think Tyler gets enough credit for his production work honestly. The song also features calmer parts within it’s chaotic vibe, and even works in 2 second samples of carnival music at certain points deeper in the song. There isn’t too much more to say about the song’s instrumental, the main focal point of this track is it’s lyrics.

Lyrically this song goes over themes of disregarding people who may have ignored him at one point or another, or just didn’t give him the respect he wanted from them. He throws shots at a failed deal with VANS, instead signing a deal with Converse. He talks about how he is out here working on his music, his fashion line, etc. while people that criticize him are probably just sitting around not doing anything. Tyler also makes a reference to his Odd Future clothing and his status as (in my opinion) a fashion icon, by saying that everyone just ripped off Tyler’s fashion style and used it as their own. Tyler also manages to slightly critique himself while after putting down all these other people with the lines, “How that shit go / with my big lips and my big nose / And my big dick and my short hair”. This song also features the speculations that Tyler may be a homosexual with the lines “Next line will have ’em like “Woah” / I’ve been kissin’ white boys since 2004.” I honestly don’t see the big stir up over these lines or the importance of Tyler’s sexuality, it’s not a big deal, let the man live. Overall, this is a very lyric heavy Tyler, The Creator song, which is great, I feel like hip hop does not focus on lyrics enough, these days it seems to only be about the production of the track and the beats and bass.

Well, overall, I like this song. I am very excited for Flower Boy to drop tonight. I think this may very well be Tyler, The Creator’s best album. While he doesn’t seem “happier” he seems more mature, less edgy, more professional, less sloppy, and more versatile. Tyler balances production and lyricism very well on this track here, and two years worth of work really shows itself through each single Tyler has released for this album. If you are interested, I have reviews for the other Flower Boy singles on my site as well. I apologize if this review is garbage, I did not write a first draft this time, I just sort of wrote it spur of the moment, so that explains the change in style hopefully.

Release Date: 19 July 17

Genres: Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop?

Total Song Length: 3.5 minutes.

i. e. 9.1/10



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