Drink Review: NOS Rowdy Energy

NOS Rowdy Energy is an energy drink based upon/sponsored by, NASCAR Race Driver, Kyle Busch. If you were to do a quick Wikipedia search on Kyle, as I did, you would see a bunch of stuff related to Monster Energy, races won, sponsorship, etc. But hold on a second. Aren’t NOS Energy and Monster Energy two separate entities? Why would NOS get Kyle to make a drink if he has all of these things going on with Monster? Well, Monster Energy actually produces NOS Energy, so Monster is the parent company. I would assume they just gave Kyle the NOS deal because NOS is more popular among NASCAR fans, but lacks the amount of funds that Monster has when it comes to decking out a NASCAR in your logo, but don’t quote me on that, that is all just speculation, I honestly have no idea. It also says 2015 Cup Champion on the can so maybe that is related. That all aside, let’s give this drink a try.

Okay so, you know that Kool Aid powder stuff you mix into water to make Kool Aid but it still doesn’t taste the same, or like the Hawaiian Punch mixture powder? Well that is what this drink tastes like. Like someone put a few scoops of some fruit punch concoction powder into carbonated energy water. That is not to say NOS Rowdy Energy is bad or distasteful. I actually enjoy the fruit punch taste this drink provides. But the reason I compare it to the fruit punch powder is the texture of the drink here, it does have that powdery grit to it. I do not see any fruit juices on the ingredients list, so I would imagine all the fruit flavor comes from artificial sources. This drink also lacks any aftertaste. I know when I first swallowed it then tried to get a grasp on what the aftertaste was like, it was just dead silence. I am not even sure how NOS pulled off neglecting any sort of aftertaste, so the initial taste of fruit punch is all you are going to get out of this drink flavor wise.

Overall, I would say this is a sound drink. Nothing too wrong with it, it does sort of feel like something is missing without an aftertaste there, but it does partially make up for it with a decently produced fruit punch flavor. This is also one of the more mellow energy drinks I have tried, it is not in your face at all, it is flavorful, and it is not acidic like the original NOS. So if you are new to energy drinks, I would recommend trying this one, the caffeine is on the moderately high end and the taste and texture isn’t overwhelming, so it allows you to get a foot in the door.

Calories: 100 Calories per serving/190 Calories per can.

Misc: 159 mg of Caffeine per can. 16 fl. oz per can.

i. e. 7.2/10


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