Drink Review: NOS Energy


I have never actually had a NOS Energy Drink before. NOS to me has always been one of those drinks that just seems like shelf decoration, because I have never seen anyone actively consume a NOS in person, like you see people all the time walking around sipping Monsters or Red Bulls, but where are all my NOS drinkers at? It’s most likely just the area I live in. Anyways, my mom sends me a text yesterday asking me, “You ever had NOS Energy Drinks?” to which I enthusiastically replied “No!”. Then she comes home half an hour later with three different flavors of NOS for me to review, I am glad she supports the blog, thanks mom. That aside I still am very unsure as to what I should expect from this drink taste wise, will it be a normal energy drink flavor like Rockstar Energy or Monster Energy’s Original flavors? Or will NOS taste like Yeti piss? I am ready to find out.

Because I was not sure what I should expect when I tried this, I cracked the top open and took a sniff, it smelled metallic in a strange way, like an auto mechanic’s robot wife. I took a sip and at first I was disgusted, “Yeti piss.” I thought, and I could not really pin point what kind of flavor NOS was throwing my way. After some more tasting though, I can now say that this drink is pretty decent and not Yeti piss. NOS Energy has this tangy lemon lime flavor to it that fuses with your classic amber original energy drink flavor. The drink is very acidic and corrosive in texture, but goes down thin like water at the same time. I find this very pleasing although this is honsetly the most citric-acidic energy drink I have reviewed so far, my teeth already feel kind of gritty, and I am in slight fear of a stomach ache that could possibly come on later while I am at work. I will keep an update out on that.

Overall, I am glad I tried it, it isn’t too bad. While I do wish this drink was a little less abrasive and acidic, the flavor is nice and I guess that is some of the cost you have to pay for including a lemon lime combination in your energy drink. I also have to applaud NOS for offering that lemon lime flavor, it keeps drinking energy drinks interesting and memorable, as some of the original flavors of these big brands start to too similar to me at some points. Like I said, I do have two more of these drinks to review, so I am just glad I did not hate this.

UPDATE: Slight stomach ache that passed quickly, not a big deal at all, but might be harsher to others.

Calories: 100 Calories per serving/210 Calories per can.

Misc: 160 mg of Caffeine per can. 16 fl oz per can.

i. e. 7.7/10


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