Drink Review: Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade + Energy 

Previously, I tried the Monster Rehab Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy and reviewed it. In that review I made a comment along the lines of “I honestly do not know what makes this lemonade a pink lemonade, I would need to try the pink lemonade and the normal lemonade Monster Rehab’s side by side.” Well, I now have a Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade + Energy. Due to my enjoyment of the previous Rehab flavors I have reviewed, I expected this non carbonated energy tea to blow my socks off as well. To be blunt, this drink kept my socks on throughout my entire drinking experience and left me disappointed.

This drink is honestly not as great as the other Monster Rehabs I have tried were, despite practically being the original Monster Rehab Tea + X + Energy. The problem with this drink is that I can hardly taste the tea portion of this tea lemonade at all. All I can really taste is this sour, obnoxiously vibrant lemonade, with a bit of zero calorie sugar substitute that is very difficult to ignore. I enjoy lemonade, it is far from being my favorite drink, but I think it can be good when executed properly. This lemonade however, was only executed “alright”, the other Monster Rehab drinks impressed me with their ability to fuse tea with “x” flavor together, specifically the Monster Rehab Pink Lemonade for example. I think the pink lemonade monster did a far better job at fusing the “lemonade/tea” combo then this one does. Going back to my point about the zero calorie sugar substitute taste, it has that stickiness to it that lingers in the back of your throat far after you have swallowed your sip of this drink. The lemonade is guilty of the exact same thing as well, it sticks to the back of your throat and just feels… awkward.

Criticisms aside, I do still applaud Monster Energy for the Monster Rehab idea and their impressive execution of said idea on some of their other drinks. I think it is very unique to combine an energy drink with a tea, and I believe Monster is the only corporation who could have pulled it off as well as they have, this drink, of course is the exception to this claim, but give some of the other Monster Rehabs a shot if you’d like. Links to those reviews can be found here.

Calories: 10 Calories per serving/25 Calories per can.

Misc: 161 mg of Caffeine per can. 5% Juice. CONTAINS COCONUT. Non Carbonated.

i. e. 4.8/10


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