Single Review: “Boredom” – Tyler, The Creator

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“Boredom” is the second, or I guess third single from Tyler, The Creator’s newest album, “Scum Fuck Flower Boy”, due 7/21. This new single kind of follows the same style and genre that “911/Mr. Lonely” did with it’s indie R&B sound. I like how Tyler is changing his musical style in this direction, dealing with his internal struggles in this soft, jazzy style as opposed to his gritty, emotional, and aggressive tone on his “Goblin” album. I have not really been a Tyler fan for too long, still have only given WOLF and Cherry Bomb about two listens a piece, but I think the guy is rapidly becoming one of my more favored artists in the hip hop genre. I am very excited for the new album, I will of course be reviewing it, I know it has already been leaked, but I would rather just wait for the album to be released to listen to it.

When the song initially begins it has some reverb drenched light electric guitar licks with some pleasing amateurish vocals from Rex Orange County, an English Indie Musician, alongside some background vocal work from Anna Of The North, who is a Norwegian electropop/dream pop artist (according to wikipedia) and Corinne Bailey Rae, who is an R&B/Soul singer (also got this information from wikipedia). Honestly it’s hard to tell this song could even be a Tyler, The Creator song until the hip hop beats kick in and until Tyler begins rapping mid way through this 5 minute track, it is easy to mistake this track for just a good mellow indie song. This song is very diverse to say the least. I also love when songs like this actually pick up, the drop isn’t this heavy loud chorus, it’s actually a softer and even more mellowed out chorus with flavorful percussion, that in this song actually sound like they have some sort of Flanger like effect on them as they seem to lightly rise and drop in velocity, volume, and pitch. Lyrically this song deals with being so lonely that you get bored and actually become boredom’s best friend, due to not having any real friends or romantic partners yourself. I like the allusion of Tyler’s eyeballs turning into drywall in his verse, it conjures up an image of being so bored sitting on your bedroom floor and staring at the wall, that your eyes actually become burned with the image of your blank and empty wall. This song is almost theatrical in a way with it’s orchestral type string sections throughout the duration of the song, I also think the previous single, “Who Dat Boy” had a theatrical movie vibe to it’s instrumental. The song does a final minor stylistic change near the end where the instruments get very low and these light reverb singed vocals just layer over each other until the song fades out with a car turning on and speeding off.

I honestly think this is some of the best music I have reviewed this year, I mean, only Tyler, The Creator could write a song about boredom and execute it in the style of a top 40 hit that also sounds underground and indie as well. This song is really anything but boring, all the minor effects and instrumental touches, and even the minor background vocals from Anna Of The North show that there has been hard work put into this album, which is why I think you should not listen to the leaked album. I mean honestly do whatever you want, I am just saying this album seems too good to disrespect in that way. Scum Fuck Flower Boy is expected to be released on 7/21/17.

Release Date: 11 July 17

Genres: R&B, Indie R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul.

Total Song Length: 5 minutes.

i. e. 9.4/10


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