Drink Review: Venom Black Cherry Kiwi

Why am I always reviewing the most obscure flavors of popular energy drinks first? Seriously who drinks Black Cherry Kiwi?

Today I have decided to branch out into a new energy drink brand entirely. While sure, on my blog I do reviewes on Rockstar, Red Bull, Monster, I have never given a review to a smaller energy drink chain that is only a little less popular than the big names. I honestly believe I avoided this drink for so long because the name if this drink and the snake eye on the front terrified me as a young child. Whenever I think of “Venom Energy”, a memory pops into mind of me walking up to my local supermarket and seeing the Venom Vending Machine by the front doors of the supermarket, it intimidated me in some way. At the time I did not really know what exactly an energy drink was, or who would even drink one to begin with. From the can design I had thought that there was a thick pitch black liquid inside each can, and that only metalheads, goths, bikers, and super villains drank Venom to fuel their demonic powers or something. However, I am not a metalhead, a goth, or a biker, and I do not have demonic powers believe it or not (I am a super villain though), so today I will reviewing, for the first time ever, Venom Black Cherry Kiwi.

Well right off the bat I am disappointed because this drink is not actually canned pitch black, demonic liquid, instead we are presented with a bright cherry red soda color, childhood myth busted. As for the taste of this drink, it is sort of what you would expect from a company like Dr. Pepper/7 UP. It tastes like someone had the job of putting a single shot of cherry into a kiwi soda, but they fell asleep on top of the cherry pump and put fifteen shots worth of cherry flavoring in this kiwi soda, and now it is primarily all the taste is. This drink is very vibrant and colorful, and also has this downbeat vibe to it at the same time, hence the name, Black Cherry. This is the kind of drink that turns your tongue bright red after consumption. I would be lying if I said “Yeah I totally taste that kiwi in it!”, but in reality it blends and melts so well into the black cherry that you can’t even taste it on it’s own. The texture of this drink is very smooth and syrupy with sparse amounts of carbonation bubbles throughout. I think this drink kind of blurs the line between energy drink and soda. I think it is pretty enjoyable, but my mind is not glued to my ceiling fan, I would definitely try another Venom flavor though since I am aware this one is very obscure.

This drink is good, I recommend it to people who enjoy Wild Cherry/Black Cherry type flavors in their energy drinks/sodas. I could see some cherry 7 UP fans get into this drink as well as fans of the Cherry AMP Energy flavor that Mountain Dew produces.

Calories: 220 Calories per can.

Misc: 160 mg of Caffeine per can. 16 fl oz per can.

i. e. 7.7/10


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