Drink Review: Juice Monster Pipeline Punch

Juice Monster is Monster’s attempt at combining energy drinks with juice. Monster has done it with tea, coffee, water, and juice as well, and this drink, Juice Monster Pipeline Punch is probably the most popular out of the Juice Monster drinks. When I originally bought this I was not completely positive as to what kind of flavor this drink actually was, the drink’s can design was really the reason I bought it, for good reason too, this is one of the more beautiful can designs I have seen in my short time as a drink critic. There are even rough spots all around the Monster Energy logo that give it that 3D unique feel to it instead if it just being a metal can with “Monster” plastered on it. I also enjoy how the presentation of this drink holds up this theme of surfing/hawaii/cocktails/flowers/waves/jungles. Anyways, so the flavor of Pipeline Punch is yet another Tropical/Hawaiian Passionfruit Guava drink. I actually have already reviewed Rockstar Juiced Tropical Passionfruit, and I thought it was fine, I can only imagine these drinks were made in response to each other. While I don’t dislikes tropical passionfruit drinks, I have just reviewed so many already at this point and reviewed even more citrus drinks, I am just looking for something different I guess and I won’t find it here.

This drink IS decent. It does contain pineapple juice, orange juice, apple juice, and passionfruit juice concentrates within it, making this drink’s juice content 16% Juice overall, the highest amount I have ever seen in an energy drink. These juice flavor combinations work very well, but at the same time it is also very overwhelming. It is not an intense, anxious, sweat inducing flavor, it is more of a uniquely vibrant tropical fruit punch flavor that is primarily going to be dominated by the passionfruit and the pineapple. The apple juice comes along during the aftertaste and the orange juice seems to be even spread throughout the drink, supporting the flavor behind the scenes and not sticking to the front lines. Due to this drink being as vibrant and bright as it is, this may be an acquired taste for most people, not something everyone will instantly fall in love with first sip.

I personally enjoy this drink, however it is not very special and I am very bored with tropical passionfruit drinks, I know this drink has actually been out for quite a while now, and Monster at the time of it’s release was probably being innovative with this flavor. If you are big into Rockstar Juiced, or Peach/Pineapple/Passionfruit drinks, then I think you could personally get down with some Juice Monster Pipeline Punch. However, if you are mainly just a coffee or normal energy drink person, the chances of you getting into this drink are a bit slimmer, this is completely subjective though. When comparing Rockstar Juiced Passionfruit with Juice Monster Pipeline Punch, I would have to say Juice Monster Pipeline Punch is superior, I think I am going to have to get around to reviewing the other flavors in Juice Monster after this. Ride the wave man.

Calories: 100 Calories per serving/200 Calories per can.

Misc: 160 mg of Caffeine per can. 16 fl oz. 16% Juice.

i. e. 8.2/10


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