Drink Review: Rockstar Boom! Whipped Strawberry


Rockstar Boom! Whipped Strawberry is a unique energy drink that combines cream/dairy with strawberry flavoring, simulating strawberries with whipped cream inside the can of a Rockstar Energy Drink. I have always wanted a strawberry energy drink or even a strawberry soda, but I suppose I have never actively looked for one, because I found a can of this stuff at a gas station I frequent. I am glad I found this drink too, there are only so many citrus and tropical drinks you can taste and review before you start to find them stale. I also want to say that I enjoy the name of this drink, “Rockstar Boom!” reminds me of a novelty drink/limited edition drink or something from a video game. Which is not too far fetched, the can’s use of bold black lines and one toned colors make the drink seem cartoonish and fun, which as well, is accurate, this is a very fun drink.

Rockstar Boom! Whipped Strawberry tastes like strawberry sherbet inside a can, or perhaps maybe a strawberry smoothie? The cream and skim milk mixed blended with the strawberry flavoring in this drink is what gives it that bubbly, milky, smooth bite to it. Typically when you have dairy in an energy drink, the drink is not carbonated, i. e. Java Monster, but the carbonated dairy energy drink is actually pretty awesome. I think the strawberry in this drink is very well executed, and tastes like authentic sugar covered strawberries. It’s aftertaste reminds me of a strawberry shortcake in the way it blends with the cream. Despite this drink tasting like all these different strawberry desserts, I have had sweeter drinks by Rockstar, and while this drink is sweet, it is also pretty tolerable.

I think this is probably one of the more unique energy drinks Rockstar has produced, and one of my favorites they have produced as well. Rockstar does produce a sibling drink to this called Rockstar Boom! Whipped Orange, I have heard it is not AS good as this drink, but I am willing to purchase this drink and review it as well because the Whipped Strawberry was so enjoyable.

Calories: 140 Calories per serving/280 Calories per can.

Misc: 160 mg of Caffeine per can. 16 fl oz per can. CONTAINS DAIRY. 2% Juice.

i. e. 9.3/10




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