Drink Review: Java Monster Kona Blend

I love this can design!

Java Monster Kona Blend is a coffee energy drink produced by Monster Energy that is based on the Hawaiian coffee, Kona Coffee. Apparently Kona Coffee is a gourmet coffee grown in Hawaii, and it is supposed to be very expensive and popular coffee blend all around the world. Monster decided to produce their own take on Kona Coffee, and I believe they are just here in emulate the taste of the blend, because the ingredients of this drink does not clearly state it contains Kona Coffee. From the other Java Monster coffees I have had, all of which I loved, Monster does not use cheap coffee in their drinks, so despite not honestly caring that it says Kona, I was interested in seeing if it tasted of higher quality when compared to the other Java Monster flavors.

So Honestly, I really can’t describe this taste. It just tastes like pretty decent coffee to me. There is nothing bad about this drink it is pretty much all positive. It should be noted I am not some coffee connoisseur that sips distilled water in between sips of a coffee tasting and then spits it into a tin bucket so the taste of the old coffee does not taint my tongue.  I am just a mediocre drink critic who attempts to describe the taste of popular drinks. I can say the texture of this coffee is pretty milky as per usual Java Monster coffees. This coffee does kind of have a chocolate milk type flavor to it but honestly, if you were to put a glass of normal iced coffee and a glass of Java Monster Kona Blend next to each other, I could not really tell you which was which. I doubt you will sip the Kona Blend and think to your self, “Ah yes, the good ole Kona Blend, magnificent, reminds me of the time I went to Hawaii!”, and if you do actually say that to yourself, then you are most likely just getting the good ole placebo effect from “Kona Blend” being plastered on the can.

So honestly, Kona Blend is really just an above average coffee. I found the drink to be enjoyable. Monster has done a great thing with their Java Monster series and I would recommend you try this and other Java drinks out if you enjoy Starbucks iced coffees and drinks like that.

Calories: 120 Calories per serving/220 Calories per can.

Misc: 188 mg of Caffeine per can. 15 fl oz per can.

i. e. 9.2/10


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