Drink Review: Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea

Steamboats = American South

I decided to head over to the gas station after work and pick up a new drink to review. I wanted to switch things up a little bit and get something other than an energy drink or a soda, something with a lower caffeine content and lower calorie count. So after some intense loitering by the Shell drink fridges that probably made the cashiers uncomfortable (It’s not everyday they see a celebrity drink critic in their store right?), I grabbed the Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea because it was only “90 Calories” and I was in the “Tea Review” kind of mood. However, I misread the “90 Calories” on the drinks label and neglected to read the fine print explaining that there are three 90 Calorie servings of tea in this drink. With a calorie count of around 270, I would have been off getting a soda or an energy drink! Anyways, as for the taste of this drink-

This “sweet tea” isn’t actually too sweet to be honest, while it does possess some sweetness to it on the low end aftertaste of the drink, I have no question, had much sweeter southern teas in my life time, being a native southerner and all. That being said, this sort of tastes like a sweet tea with a honey and apple bite to it, the ingredients of this drink do not contain apple or honey from what I see, but the taste is present. I think this drink is decent, I will say Arizona does make refreshing and hydrating drinks, but my brain is not stuck to the ceiling due to an out of body experience or anything. This is just a decent drink if you are craving a sweet tea. I personally brew my own tea at home, so for me the need factor for this drink does not exist. What really makes this a southern style tea is it’s potential to bring you to levels of obesity with enough Arizona Sweet Teas in a short time span. Which brings me to this next point.

In my previous Arizona review, I explain that Arizona Green teas are not actually healthy drinks, and that you should avoid drinking them with the intention of being healthy in mind. Now, I am fully aware none of you have actually given that review a read, nor do I expect you to, so I will go ahead and repeat myself here. Let it be known that black tea typically will contain 0 calories. So- why on Earth is this drink 270 calories for the entire can? I guess it could be the 23 grams of sugar per serving, but even then, why does it need to be that high? I would also like to point out that this drink contains high fructose corn syrup as well. Why? Because corn grows in the south obviously. Most of the craft sodas and energy drinks I have reviewed recently do not contain high fructose corn syrup, so why would this tea even need it? All I am saying is do not start drinking these Arizona teas with the intention of getting off coffee or soda, because honestly you are probably better off guzzling those down over these health wise. The caffeine content in this drink is just pitiful as well for a tea based drink at 23 fl oz as well.

Calories: 90 Calories per serving/ 3 servings per can/ 270 calories per can.

Misc: 8 fl oz per serving/ 23 fl oz per container. 43 mg of Caffeine per 23 fl oz can.

i. e. 7.6/10


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