Drink Review: Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

 Whoops! My ceiling fan photobombed me!

This drink right here probably takes the cake in the “drinks I have consumed the most of category”. I do actually go through about two to five or more bottles of Nestlé Pure Life a day and I can finish an entire case in just a matter of days. I believe this is just due to the availability of Nestlé in my area, the price of a case, and well- I just enjoy the taste and texture I guess. I am not too huge on drinking tap water or city water, so Nestlé really deserves all the credit they can get for keeping me alive so I can continue to pollute the internet with reviews nobody asked for. I actually do not know too much about Nestlé as a company other than that they keep me hydrated and make and sell cookie dough and ice creams. Nestlé seems like a good company, I mean, how much harm can a company that produces cookie dough actually cause?

That stuff aside, taste wise, I would say this drink is pretty good. It has a thin and slick texture to it, making it easy to drink at a rapid pace as I do. You can actually taste some of the minerals in this drink in it’s aftertaste, but it is not as bad as what you can taste from other water sources, no plastic taste here either from the bottle. My favorite part about this drink would have to be the feeling of it rushing down your throat and chest, cooling down everything as it slides down your trachea and hydrates your body. I like the bottle’s label a bit, it’s simple, not too flashy, but does actually have some sort of character to it at the same time. I do not actually think this is the best and the purest water in the world, it is just what I am exposed to most often.

So, I would say this is a very decent purified water, it’s better than city water. I would highly recommend Nestlé Pure Life to everyone honestly, I think everyone should give this drink a try. I would personally more specifically recommend it to people who enjoy a tasteful water at room temperature, as I do. I am just not too enthusiastic about ice cold water, it gives me brain freeze and hurts my teeth, this water is fine at any temperature though, even if it has been sitting in my car for the duration of an entire six hour shift. Tell me what you think of this drink in the comments, Cheers.

Calories: 0

Misc: 16.9 fl oz per bottle. 0 mg of Caffeine per bottle.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Sulfate.

i. e. 9.1/10


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