Drink Review: Java Monster Salted Caramel

Caramel is my all time top favorite flavoring to pair with coffee. Every time I am at Starbucks I get either a Caramel Frappacino, or just a Caramel Iced Coffee. So whenever I became aware that a caramel version of Java Monster existed, I was glad and sad. I thought that maybe because caramel was not as popular of a flavor when compared to normal coffee and mocha coffee, that I would not be able to find this drink anywhere. However, I got a can of Java Monster Salted Caramel at Walmart for a relatively low price (I also got a can of the Kona Blend, review coming soon). I have actually already reviewed the Java Monster Loca Moca, which is the mocha/chocolate java monster, and I found it to be very very enjoyable. So, going into the Java Monster Salted Caramel, I hoped it was going to top the Loca Moca for sure due to my preexisting positive disposition towards caramel coffee. So, this drink, the Java Monster Salted Caramel, is a non carbonated, coffee energy drink that contains real coffee, dairy, caffeine, and caramel flavoring.

I am going to be honest. This drink does not disappoint me, I love this drink. In this drink you have the salted caramel flavor, which actually does have a salty tang to it that clashes into the sweetness of the caramelized sugar, creating a yin yang- perfect balance of sugar and salt. The texture of this drink is very smooth and milky, while it is not as foamy as the Java Monster Loca Moca, it still does have some of that milky- bubbly texture to it that permits this to be such a smooth drink. The coffee is a bit harder to taste in this drink, because it just melts together with the caramel flavor in such a flawless way. Even though this is a caffeinated coffee energy drink, drinking this is eerily relaxing. I am not kidding, I actually feel physically relaxed and calm after drinking this, my mood is a lot better AND I still feel like being active. I wish I could comment more on the taste of this drink, however I downed this entire can very quickly, which in itself does the rest of the speaking for me.

Overall, I gotta say, this is probably the best drink I have reviewed. I have only ever given a 10 to very few things on my blog, but I have yet to ever give a drink a 10. I do not even really know what it was that just made this drink so appealing to me, its probably a combination of taste, can design, caffeine content, calorie count, drink name (I love the word Java, one of my favorite words), and the fact that it is coffee in an energy drink can. I would recommend you pick this drink up if you are like me and enjoy caramel, I am not saying this will be a “10” for everyone, obviously we all have different tastes, that is why there is more than one drink critic out there. But try this drink out if you do happen to enjoy caramel, coffee, and energy drinks, this may be the drink for you?

Calories: 100 Calories per serving/180 Calories per can.

Misc: 15 fl oz per can. 160 mg of Caffeine per can. CONTAINS DAIRY.

i. e. 10/10


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