Drink Review: Java Monster Loca Moca

I love the wooden tiki texture in the can’s design!

So last night I was browsing Monster Energy’s product list on their website and came across “Java Monster”. I flipped through each Java Monster flavor and as I was reading about it I became interested. I think the first and the last time I had a Java Monster was my high school sophomore year registration, so it’s been a few years and I have grown to enjoy coffee even more than I did at that time. I have never reviewed a coffee, I have reviewed tea, soda, and even water, but not coffee, so this is a first. So the drink I got today is called Java Loca Moca. I am going to be real here, I am not really a mocha kind of person, at Starbucks I usually just get caramel flavored coffee every single time (always iced coffee, I am not too big on hot coffee, I have been known to put ice in coffee even at home). But, despite not being too huge on mocha, I enjoy this coffee-energy drink hybrid very much.

It says to shake this drink “gently” on the can as a result of this coffee not being carbonated, but I may have shaken it a little bit harder than gently, so I apologize for that one. The result of my borderline violent shaking was a lot of thick bubbly cream foaming out of the top of the can after I opened it. I was interested, and it reminded me of the foam that sits on top of beer in the cartoons. Mocha is typically a coffee chocolate flavor, and oh boy Monster executes it so well in this drink. The chocolate in this drink is rich and vibrant, and blends with the coffee in such a seamless “uniflavor” type way. This drink is not bitter, nor is it too sweet, it hits the bulleyes dead on. The texture of this drink is rich, creamy, fluffy, and smooth, and it is somewhat difficult not to slam the entire can in under four minutes. This is not your typical cheap Folgers coffee either, this tastes like the good stuff, the “coffee breath” is not very noticeable or dreadful either, it is reminiscent of how aromatic the drink is.

Overall, I would have to honestly say this is one of the best drinks I have ever reviewed. There is a few other Java Monster flavors out there I will attempt to review as soon as possible. I enjoyed Monster Hydro, Monster Rehab is pretty decent, but for me and my tastes, Java Monster takes the crown. I highly recommend this drink if you enjoy the glass bottled Starbucks coffees, and iced coffee with milk in it. Cheers.

Calories: 120 per serving/220 per can.

Misc: CONTAINS MILK, 188 mg of Caffeine per can. 15 fl oz per can.

i. e. 9.8/10



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