Single Review: “Echo Chamber” – Pink Ranger

Link to Pink Ranger’s Bandcamp, where I found this image.

Pink Ranger is an independent, Virginia based future funk/retrowave musician who popped up earlier this year on music streaming sites such as, Bandcamp and SoundCloud with his debut EP, “The Pink EP”, and then followed up that EP with a second one three months later titled “Pink Rules Everything Around Me EP”. I listened to these EPs briefly and I think they are worth a listen if you are into sample based music and future funk. Last Friday (June 30th), Pink Ranger released a new single, “Echo Chamber”, in support of their upcoming album, “The Pink Album”, which according to Pink Ranger’s Twitter, is expected to drop this December. Based on what I have heard on this single, I will be checking out The Pink Album when it does drop, be it sooner or later than December.

I finally decided to sign up for a BandCamp account because I am interested in reviewing underground artists on my blog, and I was scrolling through the vaporwave tag, mainly seeing your generic Japanese language album art and what seemed like meme musicians, when “Echo Chamber” caught my eye. I thought the album art looked really sick and professional, so I clicked on it. I was expecting a full album to listen to, but it was just this three minute instrumental single. I started listening to Echo Chamber and was pretty impressed with what I heard. The track starts off with this bubbly, bouncing synth line that you can help but bob your head a little bit to, but do not get used to this synth line – because the song instantly takes a sharp left turn into this killer synthetic funk beat before busting back into the bouncing synth line, this time sounding more colorful and bright than it was previously. The song sort of repeats this same pattern with slight variation here and there, it conjures up imagery of a ball bouncing endlessly in place with no clear direction on a 3D grid much like the one shown in the single’s art. The song is pretty fast and the outbursts of funk throughout the song could even make this song a good dance track as well. The percussion on this track is what really makes it great, you have these tambourine and jangly bell flavors on top of the snare beats or sometimes even without the backing snare beats. The song sort of ends rather quickly despite being three minutes long, and fades out into the same bouncing synth line at the beginning of the song.

I thought this was a pretty enjoyable single. I am crossing my fingers in hopes that every song on The Pink Album is as good as this one was, or hopefully even better. I think you should check this single out if you are into the future funk/vaporwave/synthwave internet scene. Also, check this song out if you are a dance fan as well, I could imagine this would be up your alley as well. My only request is that perhaps do not make every single song on The Pink Album the same tempo and style? Nah do whatever you want. “Echo Chamber” is available for streaming and for purchase on Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

Release Date: 30 June 17

Genres: Future Funk, Synthwave, Retrowave.

Total Track Length: 3 minutes.

i. e. 9.1/10

Pink Ranger Links:

Pink Ranger SoundCloud

Echo Chamber Bandcamp

Pink Ranger Twitter


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