How Much Caffeine Have I Consumed So Far? (Doing Drink Reviews) #1

A trio of drinks I got from one of my many runs to the convenience store. 
So for a while now I have had a fascination with caffeine and it’s effects on the mind and body, well this fascination extends to all drugs and the psychological and physiological effects they can have on a person. However, caffeine is the most available, the safest to consume, and well… legal. I do not have any interests in consuming illegal narcotic type drugs, it is just not my (highly caffeinated) cup of tea to be honest and I have seen what they have done to a lot of artists and musicians I have admired, but a main reason why I even started this blog in the first place was to sort of document what is inside popular caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks, and tell you, the reader, what they taste like and if I think they are pleasing enough to consume. I will admit I sort of shy away from the more analytical side of reviewing drinks occasionally, but I have always documented the caffeine content and the fluid ounces of my drinks at the end of each review. So, I had this idea that once I hit a certain number of drink reviews, I would tally up all of the caffeine content in milligrams, and then see if the amount was high enough to trigger a fatality in myself if I were to consume all of the reviewed drinks at one time, and if so, how many times over would I die?

Starting with the first drink I reviewed back in May 2017, I will work my way down the list in chronological order, putting next to it the caffeine content and the fluid ounces and tally both factors up. A link to my drink reviews will be posted in the article sources.

  1. Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade (4/29/17) 72 mg / 16 fl oz
  2. Rockstar Pina Colada (5/3/17) 160 mg / 16 fl oz
  3. Arizona Green Tea (5/15/17) 21.5 mg / 23 fl oz
  4. 1893 Black Currant Cola (5/17/17) 34 mg / 12 fl oz
  5. Gas Monkey Energy (5/19/17) UNKNOWN / 16 fl oz
  6. Rockstar Revolt Killer Black Cherry (5/25/17) 240 mg / 16 fl oz
  7. Monster Hydro Manic Melon (5/26/17) 125 mg / 16.9 fl oz
  8. Rockstar Revolt Killer Grape (5/28/17) 240 mg / 16 fl oz
  9. Monster Hydro Mean Green (5/30/17) 125 mg / 16.9 fl oz
  10. Rockstar Juiced Tropical Passionfruit (6/1/17) 160 mg / 16 fl oz
  11. Mutant Monster Super Soda (6/1/17) 115 mg / 20 fl oz
  12. Pepsi Fire (6/3/17) 63 mg / 20 fl oz
  13. Mutant Monster Super Soda Red Dawn (6/6/17) 115 mg / 20 fl oz
  14. Rockstar Lime Freeze (6/14/17) 160 mg / 16 fl oz
  15. Sprite Cherry (6/15/17) 0 mg / 20 fl oz
  16. Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus (6/17/17) 240 mg / 16 fl oz
  17. 1893 Original Cola (6/20/17) 34 mg / 12 fl oz
  18. Mountain Dew White Label (6/20/17) 83 mg / 16 fl oz
  19. Mountain Dew Green Label (6/21/17) 83 mg / 16 fl oz
  20. 1893 Citrus Cola (6/21/17)  34 mg / 12 fl oz
  21. 1893 Ginger Cola (6/22/17) 38 mg / 12 fl oz
  22. Mountain Dew Black Label (6/25/17) 83 mg / 16 fl oz
  23. Mountain Dew Spiked Raspberry Lemonade (6/25/17) 72 mg / 16 fl oz
  24. Red Bull Summer Edition (2017 Grapefruit Twist) 114 mg / 12 fl oz
  25. Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder (6/27/17) 125 mg / 16.9 fl oz
  26. Red Bull Blue Edition (6/29/17) 114 mg / 12 fl oz
  27. Monster Rehab Raspberry Tea + Energy (6/30/17) 158 mg / 15.5 fl oz
  28. Hype Energy MFP (7/2/17) 152 mg / 16 fl oz
  29. Monster Rehab Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy (7/4/17) 161 mg / 15.5 fl oz
  30. Red Bull Red Edition (7/5/17) 114 mg / 12 fl oz

Total Caffeine: 3235.5 mg or (3.23 grams)

Total Fluid Ounces: 460.7 fl oz or (3.6 gallons)

According to, a healthy full grown adult’s bladder is capable of storing 16 fl oz of liquid at one time. I have consumed 460.7 fl oz in my reviews so far, meaning my bladder would overfill 28.8 times over and I would most likely suffer from kidney failure while attempting to process that amount of liquid coming in at one time, that is not even mentioning the amount of calories all of these drinks contains as well. Now as for the caffeine…

Using’s Caffeine Safe Limit Calculator, I entered my body weight (161 lbs) to find out that 439 mg of Caffeine is my daily safe limit for caffeine consumption (The dosage I can consume in 24 hours without experiencing symptoms of a Caffeine Overdose). If I were to consume the caffeine in the thirty drinks I have reviewed so far ALL AT ONE TIME- I would exceed my daily safe amount (439 mg) 7.37 times over. The highest amount of caffeine in a drink I have reviewed is going to be the Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus at 240 mg of Caffeine per can. Using once again, I would need (based on my weight of 161 lbs), 45.8 cans of Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus to put me six feet under ( 45.8240 mg is about 10992 mg of Caffeine, which is the amount that would be required to kill someone of my body weight, causing me to experience symptoms such as dizziness, convulsions, fast and irregular heart beating, vomiting, and respiratory issues ( Over the period of a little over one month, I have consumed only 1/3rd of that amount. Perhaps whenever I do this same analysis as I hit 60 total drinks reviewed, I can achieve that 10992 mg mark, or whatever the new mark is for however much I weigh when the time comes. Now if you will excuse me, I am off to the store to buy two 24 packs of Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus.

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