Drink Review: Red Bull Red Edition

Red Bull Red Edition is the cranberry flavored version of Red Bull’s Edition line of flavored Energy Drinks. I had been really impressed with what Red Bull did when I tried this year’s Grapefruit Summer Edition, and even followed that review up with a second Red Bull review over the Blue Edition, a drink I enjoyed even more than the first. So, whenever I tried the Red Bull Red Edition, I was taken aback a bit, picking up the can to see if I had bought the correct drink or not. To put it clearly, this drink is not what I wanted it to be and it has made my expectations for Red Bull drop the bar a little bit lower. I did say in my last Red Bull review that I would not be reviewing anymore Red Bull products for a time due to their retail price of $3.49, however Target sells them for $2.59, which is not bad at all!

I am going to be blunt. This drink tastes like canned cough drops. I suppose it does taste like cranberries if you are thinking hard about what you are tasting every single time it hits the tongue. Red Bull does keep up with the fruity aftertaste that the Summer Edition had, however, the cranberries in the Red Edition make it seem like you are drinking two drinks at one time, and those two drinks do not blend together, kind of like oil and water. Your first flavor manages to taste like a generic fruit, if that was somehow even possible, and you second flavor tastes like straight cough drops/cough syrup. This is not to say a cough drop taste is completely abysmal, it’s just an unusual flavor for an energy drink. A quick google search of cough drops will show images of cough drops that are primarily cherry flavored, so I could not tell you how Red Bull managed to make cranberry taste like this. This drink is more on the tart side, like most of Red Bull’s drinks seem to be. This drink is slightly sweet, but all the sweetness usually comes purely from the cranberry side of the flavor.

To summarize, am I happy? Well, I am glad I only paid $2.59 for this drink. Red Bull Red Edition is a drinkable product, I finished it without making faces. The main issues here are the poor execution of the cranberry flavor element and the lack of a seamless texture. If these issues are ever fixed, or if another company like Monster or Rockstar finds a way to perfect the Cranberry Energy Drink, I would be all over that- it is a unique flavor, it is rare to see cranberries used in sodas let alone energy drinks. I would enjoy and be an advocate of less citrus, cherry, and tropical passionfruit drinks and more pineapple, cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, white grape, apple, or watermelon in our energy drinks and sodas. I guess this drink is worth a shot if you are really into Red Bull and drinking cough syrup on weekend nights.

Calories: 160 Calories per serving/can.

Misc: 114 mg of Caffeine per serving/can. 12 fl. oz per serving/can.

i. e. 5.7/10


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