Drink Review: Monster Rehab Tea + Pink Lemonade + Energy

Recently I went to the gas station and picked up a Monster Rehab Raspberry Tea + Energy and reviewed it. In my review I explained that I was torn in deciding between the Raspberry Tea, and the Monster Rehab Pink Lemonade Tea. Ultimately, I ended up choosing the raspberry tea over the pink lemonade. However, yesterday I went back and got the Monster Rehab Pink Lemonade I had debated so hard on getting, and I would have to say I made a smart decision in doing so. The Pink Lemonade Monster is really good, much better than the raspberry tea. I was not sure what to expect out of a “pink lemonade and tea” drink. That’s just not a combo you think “yeah that would taste great!”, but it works very well.

This flavor works well due to the bitterness and texture of the tea colliding against the sour and thick taste of the lemonade to create this sort of bittersweet type flavor. This drink’s sweetness comes from the minimal 5 grams of sugar as well as the natural sweetener inside the tea and the lemonade. Like I said in the Raspberry tea review, this is not a tea flavored Monster Energy drink. This is a non carbonated tea and pink lemonade flavored energy drink with Monster’s “Rehab” blend inside of it (Not too special). Another plus of this drink is it’s low calorie amount, which comes out to be only 10 calories per 8 fl. oz serving. This makes sense when you are aware that black tea typically contains zero calories. Lemonade on the other hand is usually near 100 Calories or so, however I have reason to believe that only applies to heavy sweetened lemonades, i. e. more than 5 grams of sugar, which explains the drink’s low calorie amount. I would like to mention that a Monster Rehab Lemonade Tea does exist as well and is different from the pink lemonade tea. What usually makes Pink Lemonade different from normal lemonade is that Pink Lemonade is typically flavored and colored with some sort of dark berry, such as raspberry or cranberry. I would honestly be flat out lying if I said to you “Oh yes! I can most definitely taste some cranberry and raspberry flavors in this lemonade!”, I would need to try the Lemonade Tea and the Pink Lemonade Tea together to make that decision on taste difference, although clearly there is a noticeable slight difference.

Overall, I would say this drink is  impressive and creative. This is the sort of drink I could consume casually, like I would a Rockstar Revolt or a Rockstar Pina Colada. I think it is more pleasing to my taste buds than the Raspberry Tea was. I would have to recommend you give this drink a shot if you are in the mood for something low calorie, high fructose free, low sugar, flavorful, and unique.

I would also like to point out a grammar error on Monster’s website just as a side note. (QUICK LINK). To quote the page on Monster’s website for this drink, “Maybe so, but all we know is pink lemonade mixes super good with tea and our Rehab energy blend.”, I am pretty positive that “super good” is not an example of high quality grammar on Monster’s part. It should read “Maybe so, but all we know is pink lemonade mixes super well with tea and our Rehab energy blend.” You’re welcome?

Calories: 10 Calories per serving, 20 Calories per can.

Misc: 8 fl. oz per serving. 15.5 fl. oz per can. 161 mg of Caffeine per can. Contains coconut?

i. e. 9.2/10


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