Drink Review: Hype Energy MFP

Ten minutes before I left for work yesterday, my dad comes into my room and hands me this drink, “Hype Energy MFP”. He just said “I found this in some random gas station” (Or something), and I replied “Oh awesome thanks my man I really appreciate it.”. Then I proceeded to drive to work and sit in the parking lot outside of my work and write the first draft for this review. I thought this was some new energy drink out on the market similar to Gas Monkey Energy, or maybe just a Monster knock off. However, after some research I learned that Hype Energy was founded in 1994, while Monster on the other hand started in 2002, and Rockstar in 2001. I thought Hype must have been really slacking off for the past two decades because I have never heard of them before in my life, but this may be due to them being more popular in Europe (caffeineinformer). They do have 56,000 followers or so on Twitter, so I suppose someone must be drinking Hype. But hey, more people have heard of Hype Energy than they have i. e. enthusiast, so I really can’t talk fame and success.

This drink sort of tastes like a mixture of Monster Energy and sweet tarts, so I suppose I was not too far off in my assumption this would be a Monster knock off. While we know Hype was founded eight years before Monster, I am not positive when the MFP drink was created. This drink is a bit chalky in texture and it has that grainy sour tang (lime) to it along with that standard- normal- unflavored energy drink taste you would find in something like the original Monster, Red Bull, or Rockstar. I thought this drink tasted a tad bit flat as well, that very well could have been my drink though. I actually do think this is reminiscent of the Gas Monkey Energy Drink in can design in taste, but I would have to say Gas Monkey is superior. I did not get too much of a caffeine effect from this drink.

Overall, this drink isn’t bad. I would drink it again if I did not have to review it. In the very rare chance I come across another Hype Energy flavor, I will try it and review it I guess. This drink does not contain any sort of sugar substitutes like High Fructose Corn Syrup and the calorie and caffeine amount is slightly above average. Honestly, that is the best possible way to describe this drink, slightly above average.

Calories: 200 Calories per serving/can.

Misc: 16 fl. oz per serving/can (Also available in 8 fl. oz). 152 mg. of Caffeine per serving/can.


i. e. 6.9/10


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