Single Review: “Who Dat Boy / 911” – Tyler, The Creator

Image Source to Tyler’s Twitter

Tyler, The Creator released a new single along with a music video that was hyped up on Twitter for the past week. Every day around noon Tyler kept uploading a daily countdown to this past Thursday, offering no explanation as to what exactly was going to happen. The main hyped up rumors were that it was going to be a new pair of shoes from his clothing line, or that he was just going to drop an entire album all at once. I did kind of figured it wouldn’t be an album, because if my two months of experience as an irrelevant music critic with no fans have taught me anything, it is that most of the time, albums drop on Fridays in clusters. However, I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t hoping it was going to be an album, I did have that hope in the back of my mind. But, right at 4pm (Cali Time), Tyler released the music video for “Who Dat Boy”, the first single off a possible album. As of writing this review, the music video already has around 1.4 million views on YouTube. At midnight, Tyler, The Creator made his new single “Who Dat Boy / 911”, available for purchase and for streaming on all major platforms.

“Who Dat Boy” begins by slowly building suspense with this synth-y strings build up that sounds ripped straight put of a thriller movie before erupting into thick bass with Tyler rapping “WHO DAT BOY- WHO HIM IS?!”. The beat then picks up and Tyler drops references to his previous album, “Cherry Bomb”, as well as the Boston Marathon Bombing in the same bar. Then A$AP Rocky comes in with a very, very good verse about himself, and I was actually a little bit blown away by how well A$AP Rocky’s voice fits into a Tyler, The Creator song. After the A$AP Rocky verse, him and Tyler go back and forth while still sitting on top of that suspenseful synth-strings riff before Tyler goes into his second verse which features humorous lines such as “Fuck global warming my neck is so frio” and “My mom said she worried because I am so ill”. I was pretty impressed with this track. I was not too sure about how it would hold up without the visuals from it’s music video, which features Tyler getting his face mutated and running over to A$AP Rocky’s house while the police search for him (Tyler). Then Rocky surgically attaches a new face to Tyler, but it is the face of a dead white red headed man. Then him and A$AP flee the police, I think it is a very entertaining music video, and Tyler did a nice job directing it. The single itself is really good as well.

“911 / Mr. Lonely” is sort of two different songs in one, so I will consider it one song with two parts for this review. “911” starts off with a romantic R&B type vibe, “Callllll meee..”. It kind of stays a mellow song that features Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, and Anna of The North. I enjoy the R&B vibe of this song despite not being too wild on the genre, it is also a tad bit comedic coming from Tyler, but then he comes back around and drops a verse in his usual tone, which surprisingly blends in well with the very dreamy back ground vocals provided by the guests on this track. Tyler drops another more melancholic verse about being lonely before the song transitions into “Mr. Lonely”, which features a speaking part in the beginning from Schoolboy Q. This second half is not as long as the first, and mainly features Tyler rapping about relationship sadness and how he never had a pet as a child, comparing a pet goldfish to there not being enough fish in the sea for him. Tyler’s rapping on this half actually go much faster than “Who Dat Boy” and “911”, I actually enjoy it a lot. Despite this half being called “Mr. Lonely”, this instrumental sounds a bit more upbeat and forgiving. All in all I enjoyed this track.

If an album were to spawn from these two singles, which is most likely the case here, I am very hyped. Tyler, The Creator has been releasing an album every other year staring with “Bastard” in 2009, and ending with his most recent release “Cherry Bomb” from 2015. I have listened to these singles over twenty or more times at this point, keeping them on loop for this review. While at first I was not too into it, they grew on me a lot. They sort of sound like a mix of new and old Tyler. I do not doubt there will be many who don’t enjoy these new songs, but I am adding them to my Spotify hip hop playlist personally.

Release Date: 30 June 2017

Genres: Hip Hop, R&B.

Total Song Lengths: 7 minutes.

i. e. 9.3/10


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