Drink Review: Monster Rehab Raspberry Tea + Energy

So, I have decided to try something a little bit different and review a tea. While I have reviewed one other tea before, I have never actually reviewed or even tried a Monster Energy Tea. I was just in a gas station looking for something a little bit lower calorie, and something not very sweet either. I was torn between this drink and the Monster Rehab Pink Lemonade, I do not believe I need to tell you which one I ended up choosing. This drink is only 20 Calories per can, which is not actually too shocking honestly. Most black teas and coffees (unsweetened) are 0 Calories. So the calories from this drink are going to come from the 5 grams of sugar, and the 2% Apple Juice primarily. What really roped me into choosing this drink though was the can design, I thought it was visually attractive and representative of a Raspberry Tea type flavor.

Now even though this drink only contains a minimal five grams of sugar, this does not make it an unsweet drink. Monster Energy has done a great job of utilizing the raspberry flavor to fill in that gap and provide the proper amount of sweetness and fruity bite. You don’t get any of the tea leaf aftertaste from this drink either. While I am not too hot or enthusiastic about the taste of raspberry teas and lemonades, I do think this drink is pretty decent. It should be noted that this drink is not a tea flavored Monster. This drink is an actual non carbonated, Raspberry Tea that Monster put their Rehab blend into. You can taste the tea fairly well, and overall the drink is very smooth and fruity. This is most likely going to be some of the highest quality taste you will get if you are looking for a raspberry tea in all honesty. I would like to say that in the ingredients fine print, this can does claim the drink contains coconut. This is very strange because for first off, why is coconut in a raspberry tea to begin with, and secondly, why can I not taste it at all? If anyone has the answer to this question, please let me know.

Overall, I would say this is a quality drink. Monster had done a nice job of introducing me to the Rehab line of energy drinks. However, I probably will not be drinking this specific one very often, because I am personally not too anxious to drink a raspberry all of the time (I never have that urge actually). If anyone is looking for a low calorie drink that doesn’t sacrifice taste and offers a high caffeine boost, this is your drink.

Calories: 10 calories per serving/20 calories per can.

Misc: 81 mg of Caffeine per serving/158 mg of Caffeine per can. Non carbonated. Contains 2% Apple Juice. 8 fl. oz per serving/ 15.5 fl. oz per can.

i. e. 7.2/10



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