Drink Review: Red Bull Blue Edition

I apologize- my can looks like it was stomped on, I did not realize until I walked out of the store.

I reviewed Red Bull Summer Edition earlier this week and enjoyed it. I also made the remark that that drink was only the second kind of Red Bull I had ever had despite being an energy drink enthusiast. So this “Red Bull Blue Edition” makes number three, and I have to say that I am impressed, if not more impressed by Red Bull than I was previously. I dig Red Bull, but reviewing these drinks is going to burn a hole in my pocket because they cost about $3.49 a piece which is actually sort of ridiculous. I do it for the reviews though, so this will not be our last Red Bull review.

I enjoy the taste of this drink, it tastes like the blueberries you would find in a blueberry pie or something. It isn’t too sweet, and I find it to be very bold and flavorful. I really like how vibrant and in your face Red Bull products are compared to say, Rockstar. Sometimes I forget I am drinking a Rockstar when I am, but I can’t really forget I am drinking a Red Bull, you won’t forget the flavor either. I have never had blueberry in an energy drink (or any drink) either, so I will applaud Red Bull for their creativity and simplicity as well. This drink is not AS in your face or sweat inducing as the 2017 Summer Edition I reviewed. The Blue Edition is much more charming and easy to get into to right away. I have noticed that Red Bull’s drinks taste very authentic as opposed to being artificial, Red Bull seems to put a lot of time and effort into their drinks and it shows.

Like I said, I am impress by Red Bull, and will review more of their products, just not as often as I would another brand due to the price. I think I am going to be putting a delay on Drink Reviews all together as well because they are dominating my site in comparison to the other reviews. That aside, I would most definitely buy Red Bull Blue Edition again, and I highly recommend this drink to anyone who is looking for casual Red Bull, or even someone who is looking to switch from Rockstar or Monster to Red Bull.

Calories: 160 Calories per can/serving.

Misc: 114 mg of Caffeine per can/serving. 12 fl. oz per can/serving.

i. e. 9.4/10


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