Drink Review: Red Bull Summer Edition (Grapefruit Twist 2017)

I got a new back drop!

I had no clue what to expect before I drank this, I have never had a flavored red bull and I had never actually even tasted a Red Bull drink period until this past May while I was at two back to back concerts where I ended up slamming about three or four. Despite me never really drinking Red Bull previously though, I have always had a respect for Red Bull even though I pretty much only drink Rockstar and the occasional Monster.

The taste of this drink completely caught me off guard and made me feel as if I literally just got kicked in the mouth by a pissed off bull. Then I pulled some sort of pulp piece out of my mouth and I felt as if I had transcended into a different reality, because I was just so confused as to what just happened. Whenever I got used to the taste and texture of this drink, I came to the conclusion that the flavor can best be described as a dollar store grapefruit lip balm that you would lose while tanning at the water park. This drink is a bit more on the tart side, but it is still a little bit sweet. The grapefruit completely dominates this drink and avoids tasting like Red Bull just threw in a shot of flavored syrup or two into a blank slate energy drink. I have to compliment Red Bull on their very bold and in your face flavor, while I do love Rockstar, I occasionally criticize them when necessary because sometimes the flavors of their drinks are not as in your face as they need to be. I am not going to lie, there was a point at the beginning when my lower lip started to sweat a little bit. This is a very abrasive drink, but it also manages to taste very fruity and colorful at the exact same time.

I am going to have to say this drink is pretty good. I have never given Red Bull the attention they deserve in my everyday life and on this blog, and I believe that is about to change. They have impressed me and captivated me with this drink. While I am sure this is not the best thing Red Bull has to offer on the market, I am intrigued nonetheless. The can design is nice, the caffeine content is not too low or too high. The calories lie below 200, I would say Red Bull has earned themselves a new fan.

Calories: 160 Calories per serving/can.

Misc: 114 mg of Caffeine per serving/can. 12 fl. oz per serving/can.

i. e. 8.5/10


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