Drink Review: Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder 

Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder is the tropical citrus variant of Monster’s innovative line of water and energy drink hybrid beverages. Monster combines bottled water and it’s plastic container, with their flagship energy drinks and their cans to create the most unique container for any drink I have ever seen, is it a can? is it a bottle? I do not have a clear answer for you. Monster Hydro is non carbonated, does not contain high fructose corn syrup, and packs 125mg of Caffeine into it’s can-bottle, which is more than you find in a can of Red Bull! Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder also only contains 100 Calories, so you do not have to worry yourself if you care about daily calorie intake. I have already reviewed both Monster Hydro Manic Melon and Monster Hydro Mean Green, so for more information I did not cover in this review, visit those reviews if you are curious.

I think this drink tastes similar to a blend of orange and mango juice with some cantaloupe thrown in for good measure. This drink is essentially fresh fruit in a (plastic) can. Even the aftertaste tastes like a fresh cantaloupe or possibly even an orange peel as well. This is also a very mellow drink, it has some of the “fruity acidic” type aftertaste that adds more to the natural and authentic flavor of this drink. I compared Monster Hydro Mean Green as an inferior but caffeinated version of Gatorade Lemon Lime, however, I would be safe in saying that this is the best orange/cantaloupe/mango “sports” water you can find taste wise. It actually does not say whether or not this drink contains any sort of fruit juice in it, so I suppose Monster Energy is just very good at synthesizing authentic flavors, good for them, I am not complaining- I am just impressed. I am a fan of this drink I would say it is pretty great.

Now that I have reviewed all three of the current Monster Hydro drinks, I would have to say that I think Manic Melon is still better than both Tropical Thunder and Mean Green, BUT Tropical Thunder is superior to Mean Green. I also would like to point out that this is the only drink that has any sort of acidic bite to it, and it is also the only drink that doesn’t call itself “manic” or “mean”. I am very glad Monster chose “Tropical Thunder” over the predictable “Terrific Tropical” or “Rockin’ Tropic”! All in all, Monster made some very quality drinks with Monster Hydro. I recommend you buy them and try them out.

Calories: 100 Calories per can-bottle/serving.

Misc: 125 mg of Caffeine per can-bottle/serving. Non-Carbonated.  16.9 fl oz per can-bottle/serving.

i. e. 8.7/10



3 thoughts on “Drink Review: Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder 

    1. This one is great but Manic Melon is still my favorite. See, Monster Hydro is one of the most absurd and against the grain things I have reviewed and I hope they release some more flavors for it soon. Based on my daily stats, people certainly enjoy these drinks so Monster really hit the jackpot with a drink that is basically caffeinated flavor water. Hope you can find this one again. Thanks for commenting!


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