Album Review: Denzel Curry – 13 EP

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“13” is Denzel Curry’s first project since his Imperial mixtape in 2016, which I personally thought was incredible. This EP does not disappoint either. 13 is five tracks of pure innovation and experimentation, and this EP is just more proof that Denzel Curry will be remembered for generations for his tense and swift vocal delivery, his lyrical prowess, and for making narcissism seem like a cool trait to have. I am just really impressed with the music on here. Members Only Vol. 3 and 13 were both released yesterday but I was honestly more hyped for this EP, despite being a fan of XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God. I have already listened to this EP several times and it has only made me a bigger fan of Denzel Curry’s music.

The first track on this EP is “Bloodshed”, and when I first listened to it I was instantly sucked into the music and immediately told my friend to check out this EP because I had already deemed it as great. It’s instrumentally minimal and it sounds like a space satalite is sending out some sort of sonar into the void while Denzel raps over it in his classic swift vocal delivery. The minimalism here almost makes the song sound like an acapella at some points, it works so well. I especially love the hook on this track “Denzel why you had to make bloodshed? / Cause a fuck nigga fucked with the ultimate.”, it is so catchy. The way this track bleeds into the next track “Hate Government” almost makes them sound like one song, it just works well. “Hate Government” almost has the instrumental of an early Death Grips track. The track begins with about 20 seconds of distortion and noise and burns out as quickly as it begins, being the shortest track on this EP. Despite it’s short length, I think this is a fantastic song and in a way the short length leaves you wanting more of the music, meaning you can listen to it even more.

Is Space Trap a genre? Because, “Equalizer” sounds like it could carry a Space Trap label honestly. I love Denzel Curry’s grittier flow on this track, his voice has some bounce to it on this song as well, he sort of sounds like he could honestly be an Alien Invader. This song these thin synth strings being plucked throughout the song adding to the minimal vibe of the first track. In the middle of the song before Ronny J’s verse we also hear these 8-bit punches that were a nice attention to detail. While I can’t exactly praise Ronny J for his verse, because I don’t know how to feel about it, I can praise him for his production on this track.

“Heartless” is probably the strangest and “out there” track on this EP. It sounds like it samples an alarm type grandfather clock chime throughout, but like the harpsichord sounding one, regardless, it works out very well for this song, and over the song’s trap beat. Denzel’s vocal delivery is constantly up and down like an opera singer, and it sounds incredible, especially with the muffled sound effect that was put over his voice. Also Denzel compares his gun fire to diarrhea in the opening line of this track and it makes me laugh whenever I hear it because that is such an absurd but logical comparison.

I am honestly not sure what “Zeltron 6 Billion” is, but I do not really need to know what it is to make the judgement that this song is pretty killer. The song features a fast paced drum heavy beat instead of the stuttering and rapid trap hi-hats. Lil Ugly Mane makes an appearance on this track as well, and his verse is pretty decent. I have never actually listened to Lil Ugly Mane’s music, or heard much about him, but I guess I could give him a listen at some point. This song is another example of “if Denzel Curry said Ultimate in every single song, I would still think it’s good”. Denzel’s flow on this song is a bit more on the hard hitting side and the instrumental sounds like it has some woodwinds scattered throughout.

I will admit that as of this date (6/27/17) I have not actually listened to any of Denzel’s music outside of Imperial and this EP. This is because his double EP and Nostalgia 64 are not on Spotify yet, which is my primary source for listening to music. However, this EO has convinced me to just go ahead and start listening to Denzel’s old stuff on SoundCloud. Like I said, I think Denzel Curry will be an artist that the next generation of musicians will cite as an influence, he seems like a genuine guy, I think he is a great musician, and this EP is very good and I recommend you listen to it at least one or two times, you won’t regret it.

UPDATE: I have been listening to this EP in my car with my bass on high and I have to give this EP a full on 10 instead of my original 9.6. Not much of a change but please give this EP a shot. The production is phenomenal and out of this world. The bass lines were carefully crafted on this EP and the synthesizers do a fantastic job of creating this surreal galactic atmosphere. 

Release Date: 26 June 2017

Genres: Experimental Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Trap.


  1. Bloodshed
  2. Hate Government
  3. Equalizer
  4. Heartless
  5. Zeltron 6 Billion

Track Highlights: See Tracklist

i. e. 10/10


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