Drink Review: Mountain Dew Black Label

Mountain Dew Black Label was Mountain Dew’s first attempt at the concept of a “craft soda”, a canned drink with a more professional appearance as well as real sugar instead of the addition of High Fructose Corn Syrup. They have since expanded after the release of the Black Label in 2016, and released the White and Green Labels in 2017. I have already reviewed both the White and Green Labels, and I thought I would finish with the original and most popular of the three. (In reality the gas station I went to was out of stock one day so I was forced to get the Green Label instead). Mountain Dew Black Label is different from it’s successors in that it contains a third more of the calories (210 instead of the others being only 140), it also lacks low the calorie sweetener that the White Label contained. This drink seems to be the closest thing to an original Mountain Dew soda then the Labels drinks that followed the Black Label.

Since I just described the Black Label as being close to the original Mountain Dew flavors, I would compare it’s taste and texture to a blend of Mountain Dew Code Red and Mountain Dew Voltage. This drink is much sweeter and more “soda like” then the other Labels drinks. The aftertaste of this thing is very tasteful and fruity, and it sort of lingers around in your mouth. I think this drink combines orange and grape juice/artificial flavors to create the “Dark Berry” flavor this drink advertises, because orange and grape juice are listed in the ingredients. I do taste some bits of cherry, it’s not major though. This drink is pretty good, however, I am not sure if I just got an odd drink out of the batch or something because mid way through me drinking this I started tasting a “rubbery car tire” type aftertaste. It was not a repulsive feeling or anything it was just strange and felt like it should not have been there. I would have to drink another can of this to really make the judgement on whether or not this is common. So, next can I buy I will put an update footnote at the bottom.

Now that I have reviewed all the 1893 Craft Colas and all of the Mountain Dew craft sodas, I have to make the judgement that to me, the 1893 series tastes superior to the Labels series. I just like the innovations Pepsi did to their 1893 drinks compared to their Labels drinks. The flavors were simpler, but more unique, they were lower calorie, tasted superior, and just appeal to me more being Colas instead of Mountain Dew products. However, if you are looking for a caffeine boost, I would choose the Labels drinks over 1893. So, Black Label, not bad, pretty decent, I would drink it again.

Calories: 210 Calories per can/serving.

Misc: 83 mg of Caffeine per can/serving. 16 fl. oz per can. No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

i. e. 8.2/10


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