Single Review: “Tossing Tears” – Twin Peaks

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Today is June 23rd, 2017, as well as the 2nd month anniversary of my blog’s creation. Because this blog has made me happier and I am glad I made it, I decided to start a fourth reviewing category, the “Single Review”. This idea comes from seeing singles that are not associated with albums, not getting reviewed when I would like to give my opinion on them. Also if an album really sucks, but a single from it is great, I can now express that here. So, to kick off my “Single Reviews”, I am going to be reviewing “Tossing Tears”, a new song by my favorite rock act of this decade, Twin Peaks. What Twin Peaks has done here is very interesting. Basically, starting in June, they will be releasing one single for every remaining month of the year. They call it “Sweet ’17 Singles”.


This new single seems to be somewhat of a return to the sound of Twin Peaks’ first two albums. “Tossing Tears” kind of reminds me of “Mirror of Time” from their sophomore album, Wild Onion, or “Irene” from their debut, Sunken. This new single is very dreamy, guitar driven, and even contains some strings intertwined within the instrumental as well as a little banjo part in the middle of the song. The guitarist, Caiden Lake James, is singing on this track I believe, the vocalists of Twin Peaks never fail to impress me with their work, they are very comfortable on stage and in the studio. The vocals are very melancholy and soft throughout the song. About half way through the song, it bleeds into an instrumental along with “Nanana nanana nanana” type background vocals. Honestly I do feel like this song didn’t have to be four minutes long. They could have settled for three or three and a half minutes and probably had a better impact. The drums on this track are simple but effective at holding the tempo of this track at it’s steady sweet spot. All in all, this is a pretty good track and I did not expect any less from Twin Peaks. I will say the song overstays it’s welcome, but the more Twin Peaks the better I suppose.

A lot of these garage punk/surf rock/indie rock/lo-fi/psychedelic punk acts from this decade do make a more slow and dreamy song every once in a while, I think they very rarely pull it off, Wavves for instance, gets old to listen to after a while. Twin Peaks has always been an exception though. When I said these guys are my favorite rock act of this decade I was not bluffing. They push the boundaries and expand their sound more into the veins of country music and even hardcore punk on some songs. I feel like a lot of the instrumental bits of Wild Onion were even kind of jazzy in a way. I have met and had a conversation with three out of five members of Twin Peaks and I do not feel like I had enough time to convey my appreciation for their music. Twin Peaks are gonna be remembered as legendary in the future, and this new Sweet ’17 Singles project is an example of their individuality among other rock artists, and I look forward to reviewing each new single as it comes out.

Release Date: 6 June 2017

Genres: Dream Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Indie Rock.

Song Length: 4 minutes.

i. e. 8.6/10


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