Drink Review: 1893 Ginger Cola

I was sort of putting off the thought of drinking 1893 Ginger Cola, or even reviewing it. Instead I have reviewed all three other drinks in the 1893 Pepsi line of craft sodas they have released this year. The reason I have put off trying this drink, is for starters, not really a fan of the word Ginger, just something about it feels uncomfortable, I am also not a huge fan of ginger ale- it just sort of hurts my stomach and does nothing else for me. However, even though I am not enthusiastic about ginger spice, I found 1893 Ginger Cola to be interesting, surprising, and pretty tasteful.

I actually think Pepsi Co. actually got the same spice from this drink, 1893 Ginger Cola, and put it into their newest drink, Pepsi Fire. I could be wrong, but the spices definitely taste very similar. There are a few noticeable differences but it tastes like they used the same basis for the drinks. So basically the Ginger Cola is just the Original Cola with a lot of spice and kick to it. I personally hated Pepsi Fire and I view it as liquid trash. Pepsi Fire delivers all the kick, but none of the flavor, while 1893 Ginger Cola delivers a reasonable amount of both. I will admit that the spice in the 1893 Ginger Cola kind of tickled the inside of my nose and made me want to sneeze at some points, but decent drink nonetheless. Another thing that is notably good about this drink is the real sugar that Pepsi puts into the drink. Basically, instead of adding High Fructose Corn Syrup into the drink, they only put the real sugar in, Pepsi did this with the other three drinks in the 1893 line as well (it is sort of one of the sales characteristics about it), as well as Mountain Dew’s “Labels” series which I have also started reviewing. I find the canned craft sodas to be so much more pleasing than the original sodas themselves and I hope other companies follow in Pepsi’s shoes (With the craft sodas I mean).

Overall, this is a decent drink. Can I say this is the best one out of the four now that I have had them all? I can’t really say any of them are terrible, but the Original Cola and the Citrus Cola would be my recommendations and my go to drinks. I do not know if I would ever go out of my way to drink this one again, I would if it was offered of course but I just prefer the others over this one. However, my final verdict is that Pepsi has impressed me with these drinks and I can now say that I am a fan of 1893, from the makers of Pepsi Cola. Great stuff, Pepsi’s best.

Calories: 150 Calories per can/serving.

Misc: 38mg of Caffeine per serving/can. 12 fl. oz per serving/can.

i. e. 8.2/10



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