Drink Review: 1893 Citrus Cola

1893 Citrus Cola is just one of four different sodas that Pepsi Co. has released under the 1893 line of craft sodas that basically differ in their substitution of High Fructose Corn Syrup in favor of Real Sugar. This drink included, I have now had three out of four different flavors of this new Pepsi brand, and my verdict is that this is the best thing Pepsi Co. has ever put out onto the market. I have been praising this brand ever since my first 1893 review last month. I was surprised, impressed, and satisfied. So, here is my review for 1893 Citrus Cola, from the makers of Pepsi.

Citrus is a common soda flavoring. You can find it in sodas, energy drinks, teas, and even in water. This drink favors the grapefruit over the typical orange or lemon-lime flavor that is most commonly found in citrus flavored drinks. I personally am very fond of citrus drinks and have reviewed many on this blog in my short time polluting the internet with drink reviews. However, no other citrus drink I have reviewed has been quite as unique as this citrus cola. This drink blends the 1893 Original Cola with a grapefruit flavor, and these two elements actually compliment each other very well, it’s almost unbelievable. Even the aroma of the grapefruit coming from the top of the can is compelling and alluring. The concept of blending a Cola with a citrus flavor is very unorthodox as well, most other citrus drinks do not have a cola as the base soda, it’s normally just caffeinated carbonated water. The Citrus Cola reminds me of the taste of an orange Tootsie Pop sucker (Those suckers with tootsie roll candy in the center) or something, this sounds strange, but believe me when I say this drink is fantastic.

I have said it before but I will say it again and again, Pepsi Co. has impressed me with the 1893 brand of soda. If you are brushing this drink off as a “Hipster Soda” and are a soda fan, please just give this a chance. These drinks are low calorie compared to other sodas, they are relatively cheap to buy, they do not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, the overall texture and carbonation in these drinks are just superior to normal soda, and the taste is always unique and memorable. I only have one drink left to review in the 1893 line (Ginger Cola), but just because my reviews for these products are coming to an end does not mean my enjoyment of these colas will as well.

Calories: 150 Calories per serving/can.

Misc: 34 mg of Caffeine per can. 12 fl. oz per serving/can.

i. e. 9/10


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