Drink Review: Mountain Dew White Label

This year Mountain Dew has graced us and released a series of canned sodas I will refer to from now on as the “Labels” series. In the “Labels” series we currently have the Black Label, the Green Label, and the White Label. I would categorize Mountain Dew’s new “Labels” series as somewhat of a brother brand to Pepsi Cola’s 1893 line of “craft sodas”. Today I am reviewing the White Label version which is “DEW with Crafted Tropical Citrus”. I am a fan of citrus drinks, I have reviewed and analyzed many citrus and tropical flavored soft drinks and energy drinks recently. I was pretty intrigued by this drink and it’s concept, so I decided it would be pretty fun to review.

My first thought was that it tasted like a diet version of Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus and Rockstar Pina mixed together in a soda can. However after further tasting I came to the conclusion that this drinks main flavor comes from a combination of four different fruits, which when blended together, created a “Tropical Citrus”. You have the pineapple, the grapefruit, the white grape, and the orange peel flavor. I do believe the inclusion of the “white grapes” (I have heard them called green grapes all my life) is pretty creative and contemplative of the other fruit flavors in this drink. The pineapple is a nice touch but it is a bit too underwhelming, much like the grapefruit in this drink as well. The orange flavor in this drink really only tastes like the orange peel part of the orange was added into the mix.  Overall, the flavor of this drink is a bit more on the light side, I really wish it was more in your face, vibrant, and flavorful.

Mountain Dew White Label seems to be apart of the “Real Sugar -No High Fructose Corn Syrup” trend, which I actually see as a positive movement. One thing I did notice about the ingredients of this drink is that it contains “Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate”. After a quick google search, I found out that it is just something that is found in quite a few drinks and it’s primary purpose is to preserve the flavor in the drink. The second ingredient that popped out to me was “Sucralose”, which is just a low calorie sweetener/sugar substitute that you would find in those pink paper packages at restaurants, diners, and coffee bars. The addition of Sucralose in this drink explains the diet like taste this drink has to it. I did some reading on Mountain Dew White Label, and not everyone is as fond of this drink as the Black Label version. Personally, I think this drink is fine. While it is not going to be my drink of choice, I had no problem drinking it, and I thought it was enjoyable enough.

Calories: 140 Calories per can.

Misc: 83mg of Caffeine per can. 16 fl. oz per can/serving.

i. e. 7.4/10


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