Drink Review: 1893 Original Cola

A little over a month ago I reviewed the 1893 Black Currant Cola, and I praised it for being different and unique among other Pepsi Co. products. At the end of my review I promised more 1893 reviews but ultimately I got distracted and completely forgot 1893 existed. I really wish I would have stayed on top of it though because this is probably some of the best drinks Pepsi has ever put under their name. I guess you could call this a craft soda, or a hipster Pepsi, or whatever, but regardless of whatever label you throw on this drink, it doesn’t subtract from how great this drink is. This is not the kind of drink I review, praise, then never drink again, this is the kind of drink I would casually drink like Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola. So, here is my review for 1893 Original Cola, from the makers of Pepsi Cola.

The best way I could describe this drink is by referring to the original Pepsi Cola as synthetic and mediocre, and 1893 Original Cola as a bold and authentic cola. Pepsi has nothing on 1893 Original Cola, it is far more enjoyable to drink, and I would even say it is smoother than Coca Cola because it doesn’t make your teeth feel corroded. Basically what makes this difference in taste is 1893 Original Cola does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, instead it contains REAL SUGAR. This sounds like such a stupid reason but I think it really does make all the difference in taste. Also, call me insane, but I also can taste a very minuscule amount of spice, (Cinnamon??), that compliments this drink in a very positive way. So, not only does 1893 Original Cola stomp Pepsi Cola, but is also superior to the liquid trash that is Pepsi Fire. I think the only thing I could criticize 1893 on, but at the same time should be praising them for, is the minimal caffeine amount of 34mg per 12 fl oz. This is not a drink you would consume for a pick me up, which also means this is not an “energy drink cola”, it is quite the opposite. I don’t think this is too big of a deal though, because with this drink I can drink an energy drink and something on top of it and not worry about a heart attack at a young age, it’s low calorie (compared to other sodas) amount is a plus as well.

Basically, 1893 Original Cola is low calorie- low in fl oz- in a can, and not a plastic bottle- and is made using real sugar instead of substitutes that are most likely the cause for obesity in America. I would say that 1893 Original Cola is superior to Original Pepsi Cola in every single way and more. I made this promise last time, but I think I definitely will make more of an effort to review the other two drinks in the 1893 line soon and not take a month in between reviews.

Calories: 150 per 12 fl. oz serving.

Misc: 34 mg of Caffeine per 12 fl. oz serving. 12 fl. oz per can.

i. e. 9.4/10


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