Drink Review: Sprite Cherry

I talk a lot about Pepsi and Pepsi Co. on my blog, not really by intention, but just because I consume more Coca Cola products naturally than I do Pepsi products and I wanted to taste and review some drinks I had never had before. Well, I finally actually took a look at the Coke rack at a gas station and saw this drink, “Sprite Cherry”, obviously a cherry flavored variation of one of Coca Cola’s leading soft drinks. Some guy from Sprite named Bobby Oliver said that “The launch of Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero is a great way to show our fans that we’re continuing to innovate and offering them more of the great Sprite taste they love with a twist of something new.” (businesswire.com). While I agree that companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi Co., or even big name energy drink brands should continue to innovate and create new flavors for their consumers, is calling “Cherry” Sprite an innovation actually truthful? I say it is not. Cherry is the most basic flavoring to put into anything, especially soft drinks. We have Cherry Coke, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Dr. Pepper Cherry, Mountain Dew Code Red, Cherry 7 UP, and Fanta Cherry. I am surprised it has taken Sprite this long to hop onto the bandwagon.

This is not even a groundbreaking cherry soda. It tastes like Sprite with very light undertones of cherry, I was pretty disappointed honestly. At first I expected this vibrant cherry flavored lemon lime soda reminiscent of a cherry limeade. While you can get somewhat of a cherry limeade flavor in Sprite Cherry, I do not personally believe this drink is as good as it should have been. I enjoy the original Sprite, it is not my favorite drink, but I will drink it if it is there in front of me and I am not paying for it. Is this drink better than Sprite? No. Original Sprite is a crisp and refreshing drink, but the very light hints of cherry in Sprite Cherry sort of give it that nauseating sluggish type feeling that completely strip away the best characteristic of original Sprite, because let’s be real, Sprite itself is not overflowing with lemon lime flavor at all, we (well me anyways) drink Sprite because it is a fizzy basic soft drink with no overwhelming flavor. Sprite Cherry fails for me because I think it has too much of a syrup based taste while not delivering the full cherry flavor it should be delivering. Another drawback of this drink is that, like Sprite, it is Caffeine Free, and I personally love caffeine. However, I had to drink this below average drink without any sort of caffeine after effects.

This drink is not terrible, it is better than Pepsi Fire, which was not good at all. I finished my bottle of Sprite Cherry without vomiting, so it is consumable. However, I will not buy this drink again, it is not worth it to me. I will say that I like that they are expanding more into Sprite and offering new flavors to the drink, I feel like Sprite is somewhat of an untapped source for Coca Cola that they have just broken into. I will try new flavors of Sprite when they come out.

Calories: 200 Calories per bottle.

Release Date: 2017

Misc: Caffeine Free.

i. e. 4.9/10



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