Drink Review: Mutant Monster Super Soda Red Dawn

I am not going to get too deep into what Mutant Monster is and how it competes with Mountain Dew, I already covered this in my previous review of the original Mutant Monster here. However, so you do not have to read the prequel review to enjoy the sequel, I will summarize it for you- Mutant Monster is Monster Energy’s attempt at breaking into the soft drink market as a competitor to the popular Mountain Dew brand. I personally found the original Mutant Monster to be so much better than Mountain Dew. What makes Mutant Monster better than Mountain Dew is not only it’s superior taste, but also because it combines characteristics of the energy drinks that put Monster on the map with aspects of soft drinks, like the bottling, the ingredients, the carbonation, etc. The drink I am reviewing today is the Red Dawn variant of the Mutant Monster Super Soda, which is obviously a competitor for the popular Mountain Dew flavor, “Code Red”.

As for the taste of this super soda, I would describe it as a very sweet cherry flavor. Almost like a cherry cake or pastry. I also think it is possible this drink contains bits of strawberry flavor here and there, If they made a cherry and strawberry shortcake soda, this would be it. This drink is sweeter than the original Mutant Monster with 2 plus added grams of sugar, bringing the total to 72g of sugar instead of 70g. I still think this drink is as cool and refreshing as the original one was, which is what I praised it so highly for. This drink only costs $1.99 where I live, which is pretty good compared to other energy drinks and sodas, you really get your money’s worth with this drink. I criticized the original flavor for it’s 290 Calories per bottle, and I am also going to criticize this drink for the same thing, it is unnecessarily high and also the reason I will rarely be buying this drink, despite my love for it.

While many people criticize Mutant Monster Red Dawn for tasting identical to Mountain Dew Code Red, I personally do not think they taste the same. While I see the similarities, I think that they ultimately have different flavors. This drink, much like the Mutant Monster Super Soda, is so much better than it’s competitor. I will however voice my opinion about how I think it is a cheap shot on Monster Energy’s part to completely mirror what Mountain Dew has already done. Why not make  Mutant Monster Passion Fruit, or a Mutant Monster Raspberry? Why mirror Mountain Dew Code Red? To be a great competitor you must go above and beyond your opponent, not just do what they are doing but a little bit better. I am a little dissapointed in Monster Energy for consciously copying Mountain Dew Code Red. I am not however dissapointed in the taste of the drink itself, I thought it was executed nicely and had a very pleasing taste, so for that I will still give it a good score.


Calories: 290 Calories per bottle. 1 serving per bottle.

Misc: 20 fl. oz per bottle. 115mg of Caffeine per bottle.

i. e. 9.1/10



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