Drink Review: Pepsi Fire

Pepsi Fire is a new cinnamon flavored cola that Pepsi Co. released sometime last month. If I am correct, Pepsi Fire does already exist as a permanent flavor in many Asian countries alongside a twin soft drink called “Pepsi Ice”. I believe Pepsi Fire is a limited edition Summer seasonal drink, so just do not be surprised when Pepsi Co. drops a possible Pepsi Ice this November to the Western world. So far, reception for this drink has been just sort of average, I have not come across anyone praising this drink, so I was pretty eager to try it for myself. I bought a bottle from my local grocery store, and I probably never will again.

I want to say that Pepsi Fire hardly even tastes like a Pepsi Cola, which serves as the basis for this drink. Pepsi Fire “sort of” tastes like cinnamon, it is not very sweet, it is very spicy. It has an intense alcoholic burn to it that lingers in the back of your mouth for a few minutes and contradicts the concept of a smooth soft drink. Like I understand that the drink is meant and marketed to be spicy, but it kind of makes it difficult to drink quickly. Basically, what Pepsi does with this new drink is deliver all of the kick of a cinnamon flavor, but none of the taste of a cinnamon flavor.

I personally love cinnamon flavored stuff, I have a bag of Hot Tamale candy I have been eating frequently for about a month now, as well as a bag of Atomic Fireball candies. However, even though I am a cinnamon fan, I can not confidently say I enjoy this drink or that I will ever buy a bottle of it again. I actually had a difficult time finishing this drink and as I write this sentence right now, my drink still has not been consumed past the label. I asked my dad what he thought about the drink as someone who does not enjoy cinnamon, and he just said “eh that’s not too bad.”, so there you go…

This drink is just sort of below mediocre to me. I will say that cinnamon cola is a new and interesting flavor, and that Pepsi is taking their creativity down the right road with Pepsi Fire. What I do not understand is why Pepsi Co. keeps trying to advertise and sell beverages that sound alcoholic but are not. For example(s), The 1893 Pepsi sounds a lot like a fancy, adult beverage that could possibly pass as canned alcohol soda. Then we have Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade, who’s top search results are asking the internet if it is an alcoholic beverage. Now we have this Pepsi Fire drink that keeps getting compared to the popular cinnamon whisky, Fireball, in taste. Just do not be surprised if Pepsi Co. releases a Pepsi cola or a Mountain Dew flavored beer within the next year or two, they seem to enjoy alcohol.

UPDATE: It tastes a bit better after it has been sitting out already open for a while, which is a desirable quality to have in your soft drinks…

Calories: 260 Calories per serving.

Misc: 20 fl. oz per bottle/serving. 63mg of Caffeine per bottle/serving.

i. e. 4.2/10


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