Drink Review: Rockstar Juiced Tropical Passionfruit

Rockstar Juiced Tropical Passionfruit is a one of a kind drink. No other flavors of Rockstar Juiced exist from what I have seen, and I have not heard of any plans to produce more flavors for the Rockstar Juiced brand. The can design for the drink features the popular steel metal pattern you are very likely to have seen before, which would make sense if this drink was an industrial themed drink or something, however this is a Tropical Passionfruit flavored juice based energy drink, so why a steel pattern on the can design? Why not an obscure cartoonish tropical can design that reflects the taste of this drink better than steel? In honor of me reviewing two other “energy drink and x” combinations this past week with my Monster Hydro reviews, I decided to review an “Energy Drink and Juice” combination.

This drink contains 10% Juice in it’s contents, which seems to be a blend of Apple Juice Concentrate and Orange Juice Concentrate. 10% Juice is the highest juice content I have ever reviewed, as well as actively noticed in a drink. This drink is meant to taste like a passionfruit, however I can not personally compare this drink’s flavor to a passionfruit, because I have never eaten one or actually seen one in person. This drink tastes like every popular warm colored fruit and fruit juice shaken up together in the same container. There are hints of banana, apple, orange, mango, pineapple, as well as some other fruits that have just become so ingrained into the flavor of this drink that they are indistinguishable. Out of these fruits I would say the most prominent one to me is the mango flavor as well as the apple and orange juice. This drink reminds me of a really flavor heavy fruit smoothie in terms of the way you can feel it in your jaw, and how the flavor hits your tongue and lingers there. Due to this drink being so heavily fruit based, it hardly even actually tastes anything like an energy drink. It is not bitter because of the caffeine, it is not really sweet at all, it does not have a harsh acidic/corrosive texture, but it also is not too smooth either. It lies in the neutral middle, even possessing quite a low caffeine content for an energy drink with only 80mg per serving, compared to the Rockstar Revolt which contains 120mg of caffeine per serving. In terms of how much I enjoyed this drink, it was not bad, I enjoy a change every once in a while. It is not overwhelmingly mindblowing I will say that about it, I sort of wish it was a bit sweeter and not so blatantly in your face.

I also would like to say that image and packaging is essential in this era of visuals and media. I do not feel like this drink is being marketed properly with it’s steel patterned can design. I think it used to be different based on a google search of this drink, but I think they should take it in a completely new direction and make it relate to the fruity taste of this drink as well as market this better as an energy drink and fruit juice combination beverage. Monster Energy for instance has it’s own Juice line and from the looks of it on the shelves, the Monster Juice line is doing much better than Rockstar Juiced. I think if Rockstar revamps the can design and creates just one alternate flavor (like a mixed berry with blueberries, strawberries, melon, raspberries, etc.), then the Rockstar Juiced line could find some success. I think the Tropical Passionfruit has a lot of potential and qualities that the general public enjoys when compared to your average energy drink, which can be too bittersweet. I doubt that Rockstar will revamp this line though, they will most likely just move on and create new drinks and new flavors. When they do make new drinks, I will be reviewing them.

Calories: 110 Calories per 8 fl. oz serving, 2 per serving, 220 Calories per can.

Misc: 80mg of caffeine per 8 fl. oz serving, 2 per serving, 160mg of Caffeine per can. 10% Juice.

i. e. 7.7/10


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