Drink Review: Mutant Monster Super Soda

This drink is Monster Energy’s attempt at breaking into the soft drink industry, most notably to compete with Pepsi Co.’s “Mountain Dew” soft drink, which is practically a household name by 2017, and I am sure that a majority of American citizens such as myself have consumed a Mountain Dew product at one point in their lives. Monster Energy already dominates the Energy Drink market and has established itself as the second most sold energy drink behind Red Bull. (caffeineinformer.com). So if a worthy competitor to Mountain Dew should make an attempt to dominate the market for high sugar citrus flavored soft drinks, I am not too surprised it is Monster Energy. Mutant Monster Super Soda combines aspects of energy drinks into a more widely consumed soft drink format with it’s incorporation of a caffeine content of 115mg, and inclusion of 100% B3 & B6 Vitamins.

I was filling up my tank getting some gas at my usual gas station when I realized I had not yet satisfied my daily need for way too much caffeine in my bloodstream. So I pull into a space in front of the convenience store and enter through the front like a normal person would. I quickly scan through their drink selection, looking for a new Rockstar, Pepsi Fire, or a Crystal Pepsi. While browsing the Pepsi Co. freezer I make my way to the top shelf and see it. The Mutant Monster drink I had been hearing about for so long, below it, a $1.99 price tag. I was a bit on edge about how cheap the price was, and because there was Pepsi splatter on the outside of the bottle from what I would assume was a stockroom incident. I purchase it using capitalist currency and bring the drink out to my car. Now, before I drink any sort of drinks with see through bottles, I have to take a picture of the bottle before I drink it, where as with canned drinks I am usually taking pictures of them while they are half empty. I could not find a place to set it down and take a proper picture of it, so I just sort of leaned it against my passenger side door, which explains the abysmal picture above. So I take the picture and then I write down some factual information from the drink’s label and then I take a drink of it. I was alone in my car, sitting in the gas station parking lot while this happened, but to no one in particular I just out loud said “wow.” because I was pretty mind blown.

I was absolutely blown away, Mutant Monster exceeded my expectations and then some. When a drink advertises that it is “a delightful crisp and refreshing beverage!”, it almost never actually is. Coca Cola for instance comes to mind, it does the opposite for me, it makes me feel kind of slow and like I should brush my teeth. Mutant Monster on the other hand is the most crisp and refreshing drink to hit my tongue. Much like Monster Energy’s classic energy drink, it is very hard to put into words when describing Mutant Monster’s flavor. All I can really do is compare it to other popular drinks of the same vein, which is a bit of an issue but also a pro for being unique. While Mountain Dew is basically diarrhea inducing liquid candy, Mutant Monster is more subtle, very fizzy, and sharper in taste and texture. This is truly a worthy competitor to Mountain Dew, if not it’s replacement. Mutant Monster Super Soda is very good. It’s sweet, cool, and I could compare the taste to a less extreme Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus in a way. Mutant Monster lacks that strange orange citrus-y tinge to it that Mountain Dew has, instead it contains a flavor more akin to a bitter lime. Hats off and a massive applause to Monster Energy.

I will criticize this drink’s calorie amount though. While the serving size is bigger than the norm at 20 fl. oz, it’s 290 Calories per bottle is quite a number for a liquid consumable to have. It also possesses a massive 70 grams of sugar per bottle. I don’t see this as personally relevant to myself though because I do not drink too many soft drinks these days. Live your life by using everything in moderation and you will be unharmed. Like I mentioned in my boring story above, the drink only costs $1.99 for a 20 fl. oz bottle. This is super cheap compared to a 16 fl. oz bottle of soda usually selling for $2.18 or so.

Overall, I would say this has been the best drink I have reviewed to date, but it is also sadly a drink I will not be enjoying frequently because I care about my slim body figure. I would probably have another one of these in the other two flavors it comes in for review purposes though. If you enjoy Mountain Dew then drink this drink, see if it can turn you on to Monster. I have not yet asked for feedback publicly in a review yet, but if you have any feedback or thoughts for me then let me know in the comment section here.


Calories: 290 Calories per serving, 1 serving per bottle.

Misc: 20 fl. oz per bottle, 115mg of Caffeine per bottle.

i. e. 9.2/10


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