Drink Review: Monster Hydro Mean Green

Monster Hydro Mean Green is the “lemon-lime” variant of the new Monster Hydro line of water and energy drink hybrids. This drink possesses the most unique container I have yet to see for any drink. The container reflects the drink’s energy drink and water hybrid nature by fusing together an energy drink can and a plastic water bottle. So is it a bottle? Or is it a can? Tell me in the comments if you would like. Monster Hydro is non carbonated, moderately caffeinated, low calorie, and lightly sweetened with natural flavors. The Monster Hydro line comes in Mean Green, Manic Melon, and Tropical Thunder flavors.

I had brushed my teeth minutes before grabbing a Monster Hydro out of my outside refrigerator, so I could start my morning off in a pleasant way. Before I began drinking the Mean Green variant, I had high expectations because the Manic Melon flavor I already reviewed was pretty great. However, as I started to drink my drink, I tasted a taste a kin to drinking lemonade directly after brushing your teeth. So, because I did not want to taint this review, I left my drink aside and began rinsing my mouth out with water just in case some toothpaste from when i brushed my teeth still lingered after those few minutes. As I returned for take two of this review, and the drink hit my tongue, I realized one thing. It was never the toothpaste that tainted the taste of this “Monster Hydro Mean Green”, it was the energy drink water itself.

I could compare the taste of this drink to a more wimpy and watered down version of Gatorade Lemon-Lime. If someone were to rip the Monster Energy label off of this bottle, and instead paste some indie hipster drink nonsense brand label on it instead, then I would not have been as surprised or disappointed. I expect a drink from Monster Energy to be vibrant and strong, especially this drink in particular with a flavor name like “Mean Green”. “Limp Lime” would be a much better suit for this drink’s title. If you want a powerful lemon lime flavor combo, then just go drink the popular Gatorade beverage, it has a stronger kick than this stuff does. However, if you truly want the caffeine boost, and want something very mellow and awkward, drink Monster Hydro Mean Green.

To conclude, this drink is not all negative. Monster Hydro and it’s energy drink/water hybrid is a one of a kind concept you do not come across daily, especially in the world of beverage production. The flavor of this drink was not totally abysmal either, it just failed to meet my expectations. I would actually drink this drink again if it was there and I did not have to review it. Due to the flavor being so watered down and meh, it is not completely disgusting. I am not saying stay away from this drink, it simply is not good, not terrible either though. If you have an interest in Monster Hydro, then I recommend trying out the Manic Melon flavor, a drink I reviewed earlier this week and also already linked for you in the introduction paragraph.

Calories: 100 per 16.9 fl. oz, 100 per can.

Misc: 125mg of Caffeine per bottle/can. Non Carbonated.

i. e. 5.9/10


3 thoughts on “Drink Review: Monster Hydro Mean Green

  1. I do think mister was going for a watered down taste, that being said not my favorite flavor either. Their other 2 hydro drinks are super top notctoad maybe that’s why that flavor falls short. Tropical thunder and manic melon have both gotten great reviews from all my friends also. So monster needs to step it up and stop holding back distribution. Im already hooked!!


    1. Thank you for your comment! Honestly since posting this review the drink has grown on me a little bit but Manic Melon is still my favorite. Monster pumps out more good products than bad in my opinion, I think every energy drink consumer has at least one or two Monster drinks that they adore.


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