Drink Review: Rockstar Revolt Killer Grape

This was the second flavor of Rockstar Revolt I had tried, the first one being Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus, and I had been drinking it before I even started doing these reviews. I said at the end of my review of Rockstar Revolt Killer Black Cherry that I would have more reviews of Rockstar Revolt drinks on the way, along with any new flavors that come out. There are only three variants of Revolt that I am aware of currently and this would be the second review out of three. Rockstar Revolt is my favorite line of energy drinks that Rockstar Energy puts out on the market due to it’s high caffeine content, sweetness, camouflage patterned can designs, and fruit based flavors. This drink, Rockstar Revolt Killer Grape fits all these characteristics and even brings a few new minor things here taste wise to the table.

To put it simply, this drink tastes like grape soda. When you first sip this drink, the aftertaste may remind you of the grape medicine or flavored inhalers you may have taken as a child, however, oddly enough this taste does not reappear after the first sip. The grape flavoring in this drink is very artificial tasting, but it is also the least sweet tasting out of all the other Rockstar Revolt flavors, where instead it brings a more mild and vibrant flavor to the tongue. This being said this is most likely my least favorite out of all the Revolt drinks, but that does not mean this is a bad drink- it is just decent. It has more of a flavor based bite compared to the others, so it is superior to it’s counterparts in that particular way. I would recommend trying this drink out if you like grape flavored things, but if you do not like grape, then obviously this will most likely not be the drink for you. Personally, while I love grapes, grape flavored things are not my preferred flavor, but I still do enjoy this drink.

I hope Rockstar stays on top of the Revolt line of drinks and releases some more flavors. I would like to see a mixed berry, a watermelon, and maybe even a banana based flavor would be pretty unique and out there. Not fruit related, but a cinnamon flavored Rockstar energy drink would be really cool, they could do a Fireball drink much like they did with Pina Colada when they released Rockstar Pina Colada. I will keep an eye open when I am out and about, but for sure try out Rockstar Revolt Killer Grape.

Calories: 100 Calories per 8 fl. oz serving. 200 Calories per can.

Misc: 240mg of Caffeine per can. 0% Juice.

i. e. 8.2/10



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