Drink Review: Monster Hydro Manic Melon

Monster Hydro Manic Melon is a relatively new drink that is considered both water and an energy drink. Because of this combination we have the most unique drink container I have ever come across. It’s a tall, plastic, see through can with a metal can top, and the label on the bottle is transparent as well, so you can really see the contents inside the bottle. It says it the product description that we drink bottled water from mountains, springs, islands, which all come in different styles like mineralized, fortified, or filtered, etc. everyday of our lives, so why not spice things up and hydrate with an energy drink instead? To quote the bottle, “Monster Hydro – Non Carbonated, lightly sweetened with natural flavors to make it thirst quenching and easy drinking. We added just enough of that “Monster Magic” to get you fired up.” I’m pretty positive that “Monster Magic” is just caffeine, however some conspiracy theorists would have you believe other wise.

This drink actually tastes like a straight up watermelon. Not artificial watermelon, like genuine watermelon you would buy from your local grocery store. The only difference being that whenever you are drinking this drink, you aren’t forced to spit seeds into the grass. The drink feels like a more water based “Gatorade” sports drink, where instead of replenishing your electrolytes, you are getting over 100mg of caffeine metabolized in your system. I would also compare this drink to a watermelon flavored fruit punch, however, I would also say that this Monster Hydro drink is better than super market fruit punch. For some reason I expected this drink to be a sour melon type flavor, most likely due to the name of this drink being “Manic Melon”. That being said, there is nothing very manic about this drink, it is actually quite tame, and even if you do not drink original Monster or any other Monster products, you may enjoy this drink. The “Manic Melon” though is just an alliteration tactic for marketing so you would remember the name of the beverage a bit easier. “Mellow Melon” would be a much more suitable name for this drink, as the caffeine content is only half of what you would find in a can of Rockstar Revolt, which does not do too much for me either.

So, to summarize, I would say this is a great drink with excellent packaging, excellent taste, and a unique concept. I would not recommend substituting this drink for water, however it is a better alternative to real carbonated energy drinks, and soft drinks. They do have two or three more flavors of Monster Hydro out on shelves, so if I am able to get a hold of any different flavors, I will give a review for those as well.

Calories: 100 per bottle/serving.

Misc: Non Carbonated, 125mg of caffeine per bottle, 16.9 fl. oz per bottle/serving.

i. e. 9.3/10


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